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South American teams favourites


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in the old days, world cups switched europe then s america and guess what, the winners tended to come form the continent where it was played.................not any more

this year the s americans look the strongest overall and seem to be quite able to play in the s africa winter

so you could pick 1 from argentina, brazil, chile, uruguay - they can all play great attacking football with flair, and they capable of putting a foot in and getting physical

BUT, can thy match our will to win, power and agression and spirit, and physicality....................hope not

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The South American teams may have breezed through the group stages, however once the pressure of knockout matches kicks in, they will fall. Teams like Argentina who haven't been challenged all world cup, will go out. I predict they will lose next round.

Usually teams that scrape through the group stages, put in good performances later in the tournament. England/Germany are the two teams I was expecting to make a deep run however they got matched against each other.

Uruguay are lucky cause they got Ghana next so they should come to 1/4 finals. I predict the other 3 teams are England, Spain and Brazil.

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Argentina were ripe for a meltdeown and imploded. Germany demolished them with a 4-0 victory. Everything fell apart for Maradona who revealed how tactically naive he was - no cohesion in attack and no organisation in defence. A tip of the hat to Germany's manager. Brazil were eliminated by the Netherlands. They bowed out with an own goal and red card. van Marwjk, the Dutch coach, tactically outwitted Dunga. Paraguay and Chile also bit the dust. Uruguay are the only South American team left in the tournament. As much as I admire them, particularly Forlan, I doubt they will survive against the Dutch. I believe it will be an All European Final!

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