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  1. Now that Suarez and Coutinho are back Rodgers is tinkering with his formation to suit both players. Playing Suarez alongside Sturridge with Coutinho in the hole puts Moses in a spot. I doubt he has the tactical discipline to fit into Rodger's current system. Unless Rodgers switches to another formation it appears Moses will be confined to the bench.
  2. When he was with Shakhtar, Willian was usually deployed on the left wing. This allowed him to get forward and cut inside when the fullbacks were pushing up to provide width. He also tracked back to defend which Mourinho requires from his creative players. He has been used in the number 10 role when required. He is a versatile footballer who can play anywhere across midfield. I don't see Moses returning to the Bridge and predict a bright future f
  3. With the plethora of attacking players we now have at the Bridge it is most unlikely Moses will return. I doubt Mourinho is still interested in him.
  4. Willian is more than capable of opening up stubborn defences!
  5. Mourinho made a shrewd investment in signing Willian who is an excellent addition to the squad. I really like him. He is quick, versatile, creative, and intelligent in his use of the ball. He does not shirk tracking back and helping out in defence and offers Mourinho fantastic options in attack. He should link up well and assist his former Anzhi team mate Eto'o in finding the back of the net. At 25 his best years are still to come and his future with Chelsea looks most promising.
  6. Hazard is excellent at taking penalties. Similar to Balotelli. Slight pause as the keeper moves then finds the opposite side of the net,
  7. This season I expected Hazard to go from strength to strength with Mourinho at the helm. His contribution so far has not been at a level expected from such a high profile player. The club has a right to expect more from him. Hopefully he's adapting to Mourinho's tactics and will eventually succeed. He needs to be a consistent goal threat in addition to creating chances for his team mates. In the meantime, his first team place will come under increased scrutiny given the wealth o
  8. I believe Hazard's drop in form this season is attributable to Mata 's absence as they get the best out of each other. When Mata returns to the team I expect to see a marked improvement in Hazard's performance. Hazard, Oscar, Mata is a world class combination which should produce results with Mourinho at the helm.
  9. It is much too soon to judge Willian. He needs time to adjust to Premiership football. He possesses all the attributes to be a success. He is a very promising addition to our squad and it will be interesting to see how Jose uses him.
  10. Apparently Mourinho has not given up on Moses!
  11. It was a smart move to send Moses on loan to Liverpool. I guess Mourinho figured Rodgers will get the best out of him. He put in a good performance against Swansea, scoring a goal and a great cross to Sturridge who should have scored. If Moses continues to produce for Liverpool he'll come back to Chelsea a better player.
  12. I agree, Mourinho knows what it means to sign Willian and improve the squad. Willian used in the attacking trio gives Mourinho the option of dropping Oscar deeper in midfield where he performs best If also gives Jose the option of pushing Hazard forward as a false No 9. A combination of Hazard, Willian and Mata would tear holes in opposing defences.
  13. Here are some comments Jose made " I know what I want from him. I don't know if I can get it. I want more responsibility and more ambition. When you have top class talent you cannot waste that talent. I've said many times, one thing is top talent another thing is top player" My take from that is that Jose realizes he may be dealing with a prima-donna. If Hazard fails t
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