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April 9 - Wigan @ The Birdge

Barry Bridges

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First of all apologies if this is the wrong section.

A co-worker of mine, Karen, is married to a expatriate Brit who also happens to be a huge Chelsea fan. Ive never gotten to meet the gentleman myself but we converse about Chelsea quite a bit through his wife.

Anyways, her husband and a friend (another big Chelsea fan Im told) are flying back home and would absolutely LOVE to be able to attend the home match April 9 (vs Wigan).

She has solicited me for help obtaining tickets as she knows some of my relatives have season tickets, yet they are already spoken for unfortunately.

I was wondering if anyone here might be able to help them out. Please let me know and I will get you in contact via email! Im sure they would be more than willing to pay above market price (a common practise in North America when purchasing highl sought after tickets, yet I know its frowned upon here so perhaps reward a few pints or what not) for any help that leads to success! Basically, he is QUITE desperate to catch his favourite (the best) team during one of his very rare trips back home.

Thank you!

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