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mhl restricted view


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im a member but the mhl prices r to steep and i noticed that the restricted view is only £23 so just wondering what it is like and is it worth paying for and one more question is the restricted view sold out really quick like the general seats or dont they sell out quick?

thanks joey johnson.


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I get restricted view tickets in the MHL quite often. If you're in the middle behind the goal, they tend to be the back couple of rows. Fine if everybody is sat down, but you can only see up to half way if everybody is stood up, so you'll find yourself bending over and looking for a gap to look through the heads in front of you. On the other hand I was in the corner by the East stand for our game against Man City, 5 rows from the back and the view seemed really good for the price. The restricted tickets don't go on sale until all the other seats have sold out. They tend to go fairly quickly depending on who the opposition are. Either way, the atmosphere tends to be good.

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