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Chelsea: The Cup Final of London Clubs


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I honestly think it has got to the stage now whereby we are the benchmark for all London clubs. I remember a time when it was Spurs and even Arsenal everybody wanted to beat, but now it is us.

Although we don't view them as rivals, let's face it when we go to Loftus Road and Craven Cottage it will be the Premier League, Champions League, FA Cup and Carling Cup all rolled into one for Fulham and QPR, whereas to most of us it is just another game, which happens to be a derby. I'd say we have even now usurped Spurs as Arsenal's biggest rivals. A lot of Arsenal fans I know don't even hate Spurs, yet hate Chelsea with a passion. And whenever we play Spurs and they get a rare win, they always release DVD's anyway.

Even outside of the London Clubs, bar each other, Liverpool and United seem to love beating us most as well.

I reckon tickets for Chelsea most be the highest demand of any other game for that reason for most of these clubs.

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If you know Arsenal fans who don't hate Spurs I'd question if they were real fans. If it happened that Fabregas was to be sold to either Chelsea or Spurs, I think you'd see who they hate the most.

In fairness I live South of the river and in a densely populated Chelsea area, so it's not much of a surprise they hate Chelsea more. The only Arsenal fans I know that hate Spurs more is one of my best mates and also a few Arsenal fans I know that live in North London.

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