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FA Cup Semi Ticket


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Hi all, Spurs fan in peace here.

I was not fortunate enough to get a ticket in the Spurs end for Sunday's game (I am a member, but you needed a fair few loyalty points). However, I do have a very close friend who is a Chelsea supporter. She has a ticket to the game, but is now fairly certain she can't make the game. So, she has offered it to me.

I have never considered it correct for a fan of any team other than the one playing to take a seat away from the playing team (especially a fan from that fixture's opposing team!) so I wouldn't feel at all right sitting in the Chelsea end. So, before I do decline this ticket my friend is so kindly offering, I was wondering if there were any Chelsea fans that found themselves with a ticket in the Spurs end? That way I could accept the ticket from my friend and find myself in the Spurs end, as well as allowing a Chelsea fan to sit in the correct end.

If anyone has a ticket in the Spurs end and is interested in this trade, leave your email address in a reply and I'll get in contact with you.

Thanks for your time, and best of luck for the season (although not too much luck, I'd quite like to keep hold of that 4th spot....)!

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Twitter seems to be good for this mate. I follow a big everton fan and he's helped people swap ends for their game. Try and ask chelsea twitter people like blueschronicle or maybe you no of some big spurs people. They can rt.

Good luck

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