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HMRC have been given leave to appeal the EBT case.


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HMRC have been granted leave to appeal against the decision by a First-Tier Tribunal re Rangers and appeal has subsequently been filed.

Another sh*t storm for The Rangers to deal with, when will it ever end one wonders?

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Good to see that Charles Green isn't prepared to take it lying down:

RANGERS Chief Executive Charles Green commented: “All Rangers fans welcomed the First Tier Tax Tribunal verdict last November and will be disappointed that HMRC have now launched an appeal against their judgment.

“The ruling of the First Tier Tax Tribunal does not affect the operations and the financial position of the Club as it stands today and the appeal will have no affect on us as this is an historic case for The Rangers Football Club plc ('oldco').

“As HMRC stated last June when they decided to vote against the proposed ‘oldco’ CVA, no tax liabilities relating to 'oldco' would transfer across to the new company. HMRC have also reaffirmed this position to the Club's tax advisers, Deloitte.

“What the appeal does do, however, is cast a cloud of uncertainty and confusion over a situation that has already been ruled on and has taken a number of years to investigate.

“There is no money to be gained by HMRC as the old company has been liquidated so you have to ask why they are pursuing the matter further when the original EBT enquiry took years to reach a conclusion?

“I have written in the strongest possible terms to HMRC pointing out the futility of such an appeal.â€

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It's refreshing to have Charles these days, although as a fanbase nothing will be taken for granted and trust is a hard thing to gain now it is good he keeps the fight coming.

I struggle to understand this decision as they did not pursue Vodaphone and other large comapnies when the decision went against them but Glasgow Rangers seems to be a different matter?

What does this achieve exactly? Taxpayers money is again been wasted by something which has little to nothing to gain.

The headlines will of course be about big bad Rangers in Scotland though as per usual.

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