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  1. He should be picking up his teeth with broken fingers!
  2. What did the racist instagram say, @dkw? I am beginning to be a bit doubtful over what is really racist and what isn't. For example you could say Moi is a f**king old Scottish c**t. And the only bit I would object to is the OLD. Of course, there are other people who would lose their bollocks for saying that!!
  3. It is now 20 minutes into Christmas here in France, so I have opened a few presents. All good so far! Merry Christmas to you all.
  4. You're right. I'm watching Dexter for the third time, which another couple of years I will probably watch it again. I am honing my skills.
  5. People who call Coco a buffoon are liable to wake-up the next morning in the same state as Mr Bobbit. I shall perform the operation long distance without benefit of anaesthetic.
  6. I need a LURVE button for you, @coco xxx
  7. MOD? Master Mod Stark? Modulicious? American?? Awa an wash yer mooth oot wi coal tar soap , ye wee bampot!! Ah used to hae a scooter when I wis a wean!
  8. Line crossed here, @yorkleyblue my laddy. Less of the "scotches" or reminiscences of incidents on hillsides with piggywiggies will have to be revived! Nice to see you though! X
  9. My joy overfloweth!! Better than an orgasm! (If I could remember what that was like!)
  10. Was it perchance that my presence would be desirable?
  11. Anything but The Moos!!!
  12. Be still my beating heart! The Adonis of the Shed End has rematerialised. And still making the same joke!!!
  13. Aha! The Master Spunkbubble has reappeared to greet Lord Loz! You have so enriched my vocabulary over the years, @BlueBeard! X
  14. And those are your ONLY pessimistic thoughts???? Blimey! Is your whisky bottle always half empty?
  15. @cRyptic Fret not! Just having a laugh! His name is Mod - he added the surname Stark when we all got hooked on GOT!
  16. @Mod Stark I am quivering with shock! Did @cRyptic just address you as Stark? Tantamount to addressing the Queen as WIndsor! Send him to the wall to take the black! Oh your Moduliciousness, your loyal subjects are outraged on your behalf. Also, too, as well, that @PloKoon13 is a cheeky wee bugger!
  17. Oh dear, I am such a devious minded old X&*^$ that I can't decided whether you have done this deliberately or not! @PloKoon13

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