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  1. Loz - an old prick???? He's barely out of puberty compared to some of the decrepit old figure like moi and Yorkley?
  2. Define "constantly" please.
  3. Maksimov!!! Lovely to see you. here is yours.You just have to copy the link at the top of the youtube.
  4. sorry, I don't kn ow why I am also getting my previous one repeated
  5. On Sunday you should read The Good Book!
  6. Heart stirring stuff..... but this is Musical Connections and there needs to be a connection between REM's Orange Crush and this. But I thank you for posting my REM and will try to find a connection with yours.
  7. REM - ORANGE CRUSH. sorry. I'm in bed with my Kindle and can't post it
  8. Indeed you are right with laid, though thrown might be better! XXX
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