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lets all laugh at West Ham


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to the tune of the hokey cokey

you put yer argies in

yer argies out

the iceman comes and yer mana-gers are out

yer selling reo coker and yer going down

thats why we love to shout




Hammer club shop sale now on!!!!.........

West Ham tablecloths - suitable for any occasion but tend to slip down the

table after a short time - GBP4.99

West Ham videos - All the highlights from the last 20 years action . This

10 minute video , including lots of re-runs , is a perfect gift for any

fan - GBP12.99

West Ham banner - Comes complete with interchangeable slogans Eg " Roeder

OUT " , " Pardew OUT " , " Let me out " etc - GBP15.00

West Ham condoms - Come in sizes from " Little Hero " to " Big Dowie " ,

Ideal for the pr1cks on the Bobby Moore Stand - GBP0.75 for life times


West Ham bra - One for the ladies. This Bra , in team colours , comes with

good support but no cups - GBP14.99

West Ham ' Ladies ' towels - The ' Matthew Upson ' sanitary towel ,

complete with instructions , " In for a week , out for a month " - GBP1.00


West Ham keepers glove - A must for any fan at the back of the stand , or

near the corner flags to catch any shots the lads may have at goal - GBP


West Ham league directory - An item for the more discerning fan , This

quality publication gives detailed directions to every ' Nationwide '

league ground in the country . A snip at just GBP25.00

West Ham lipstick - As worn by the players . Ideal for kissing goodbye to

the premier league - GBP0.99 each

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Relegation seemed so far away

Now it looks as though it's here to stay Oh, I believe In yesterday


You're not half the man you used to be

There's a shadow hanging over thee

Oh, why have we

Got Curbishley

Why Pards

Had to go I don't know

Egg wouldn't say

Pards did

Something wrong now I long

For yesterday


Upton Park was a great place to play

Now each week we give three points away

Oh, I believe

In yesterday

Why Pards

Had to go I don't know

Egg wouldn't say

Pards did

Something wrong now I long

For yesterday


The FA Cup was just 2 ticks away

Now we're going down with Curbs and Day Oh, I believe In yesterday Yes I believe In yesterday

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