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On the evidence of this FA Cup quarter final the good times have finally arrived for all of those fans who want us to play attacking, adventurous football under Mourinho. Throw that methodology out the window, Jose, and go with two recognised defenders supporting a cavalry charge - job done. The fact that it took a 1-3 deficit to make us realise the error of our previous ways will soon be forgotten when the ramparts at 3 Point Lane are stormed in the replay and I for one can?t wait to see the new panic button formation deployed in the Champions League and Premiership run in matches.

After all, defence is where we have had most of our injury problems, so why not say ?sod that for a game of wounded soldiers? and fill the side with attacking flair. We now know it makes sense, just as we knew that playing the other, ultra safe, boring way was bound to end in tears. Let?s face it, Essien in defence was an accident waiting to happen - we all saw that coming didn?t we? And none of us were stupid enough to think that Diarra was ready to step into Maka?s shoes, except perhaps the boss initially, in one of his cautious, holding role, moments. Thank heavens he saw the light after 45 minutes on the rack and spotted that our future lay, not in a curbing of Lamps and Ballack?s forays forward, but an abandonment of the covering role altogether. Long may the ?Claudio Conversion? continue, except let?s not wait until we?re two goals down next time.

I take it you?re with me on this, comrades? I?m already calling the new formation the ?All for One and One for All, Into the Valley of Death? approach - longwinded I know, but haven?t I always been. My first Back Two would be the now fully fit JT and Riccy - granted he makes the odd mistake, but we?ll be six up by then. The attacking two midfielders have got to be Lamps and Ballack, cos that?s what they do, but the Bison can?t be left out when his favourite playground area is available, so he?s in as well. Attacking wide men - got to be Robbie and a fully fit Joe Cole, but until he comes back and because I?m still a tiny bit nervous about going Commando, either his namesake or Bridgey will have fill in. At the sharp end there?s now room for three and it?s got to be the Drog plus Sheva and Kalou. Revolutionary or what?!

A quick recount - Petr, Essien, JT, Riccy, Bridgey/Cole, Lamps, Ballack, Robben, Sheva, Drogba, Kalou - hang on a minute, haven?t I seen that line-up somewhere before? Son of a *****!!

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