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Advice for and Aussie


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Hi, I don't think this is the right place to do this but I can't seem to b able to start a thread in the tickets area so I'll try here.


I've booked a trip to Europe in January next year and it just 'happened' that my time in London will coincide with WBA and Everton at home. I saw that I can get a membership to buy tickets for those two games but other than that it would obviously not be used. Is this the way to go? Would those tickets likely sell out quickly meaning I need to get on the day they go on sale?


Also as I may have to get a membership and buy tickets that are only usable on those days, what's the likelyhood that those fixtures be replaced by FA games or the latter stages of the League Cup?

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Home games sell out pretty quickly regardless of who it's against (especially if by then we're doing well).  The FA cup 3rd round is due to be played on 9th Jan and the league cup semi on Wednesday 6th Jan so neither will impact on the home games v WBA and Everton.  So I would say buy a membership to be safe.  You may well be able to pick them up on 3rd party sites but you'd still need a membership to buy from the official ticket exchange.

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Thanks for that.


When you say sell out quick do you mean within an hour or day?


I'm not real fussed on getting the best tickets in the stadium, just want to be there. Even more so now that it's only going to be around for a little bit longer in its current format.

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Tbh I often buy my tickets through our local supporter's club so don't have to venture into the dreaded Virtual Waiting Room often!  I'm not sure - best wait for someone else to advise - at least those two games won't be category A which would need loyalty points to buy for.  Tickets go on sale 7 am our time - nice and civilised for you and I would say it's best to get on there then.

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