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Can you believe the response from Chelsea Box office on requesting my season ticket


Below is the email with names and ticket numbers taken out - tell me what you think and your Box office experiences




Hello Chelsea Box Office,

I have purchased my usual two season ticket in April but only one has arrived. Please can you tell me what you are going to do about it?


Chelsea BO

If you haven't received this by the end of the month, please contact us again as we have to allow 28 days for Royalmail delivery



So you want me to wait one week before our first game of the season to receive my ticket? You are going to put your trust in Royalmail to make that delivery. I wont be happy if I have to take time prior to the match to queue at the BO when I have contacted you now, 3 week beforehand.


Chelsea BO

If you ticket doesn't arrive and you don't want to collect it at the BO then you have an option to pay for special delivery.



I don't think I should be penalised and pay extra for Chelsea's incompetence in sending out season tickets? You have managed this perfectly well with one ticket and I expect you to do so with the other


Chelsea BO

All season tickets are sent out together and as you have received one already its in the hands of Royalmail



Exactly! This is way I am informing you that one has gone missing and that you need to cancel it and send out a  replacement. Next you are going to tell me that I will have to pay £25 for the replacement I haven't received?



Currently I have not heard anything back for 2 hours but I have logged a compliant with customer services but not holding my breathe!

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Still not heard anything back from the box office or the customer services department. I believe this shows exactly how Chelsea football club view their supporters and season tickets holders. The quicker they wake up and see that they alienate the humble football fan the better. They just couldn't careless. After 30 years of membership and 22 years being season ticket holder I am seriously considering jacking it all in - They have annoyed me so much over the years but this is just the last straw

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