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  1. Dropped a few pound in there back in the day and when I say dropped a few pound I mean my dad did on my behalf. lol. Great pic. It's amazing how a simple picture brings back memories. The used to have a glass counter with merchandise in it if I'm not mistaking. thanks for sharing.
  2. Is that the monthly paper members used to get (onside)?
  3. Stunning woman, my mam and dad sat near her in the east stand middle tier (parents honeymoon) v wolves I think, and my dad told me that Osgood was blowing kisses up at her.
  4. You know more than me I just went on the jersey . Thanks for the reply
  5. Great pic, brings back great memories thanks for sharing.
  6. Love having this man back at the club italian-footballer-gianfranco-zo.bin
  7. I remember our cup run in 96, Newcastle springs to mind and the temporary stand ( bucket seats ) where in place. They where gone at the start if the 96/97 season.
  8. Yeah shorts look like years ago. I reckon its fans getting a change to play on the pitch at the end of the 95/96 season
  9. Cracking jersey and crest, I hear the player wasn't bad either
  10. Yep that's true. Good day. Shirts of for the Chelsea
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