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  1. Is that the monthly paper members used to get (onside)?
  2. Stunning woman, my mam and dad sat near her in the east stand middle tier (parents honeymoon) v wolves I think, and my dad told me that Osgood was blowing kisses up at her.
  3. You know more than me I just went on the jersey . Thanks for the reply
  4. Great pic, brings back great memories thanks for sharing.
  5. Love having this man back at the club italian-footballer-gianfranco-zo.bin
  6. I remember our cup run in 96, Newcastle springs to mind and the temporary stand ( bucket seats ) where in place. They where gone at the start if the 96/97 season.
  7. Yeah shorts look like years ago. I reckon its fans getting a change to play on the pitch at the end of the 95/96 season
  8. Good hearing he is getting back on track. Looks like he is getting a carefree going in this picture.

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