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  1. Am looking forward to watching Mason develop further over the course of the coming season.
  2. And he was allegedly a professional footballer...................
  3. No handshake for Pep, poor very poor and lacks class. Taxi for Sarri.
  4. Jusr back from the Bridge, great night and great result. Nothing beats turning these c*nts over, even more satisfying when we deprive them of a trophy winning opportunity. Over the two legs we have had to contend with two f**king appalling referees and assorted assistants and the VAR clowns, Atkinson was a total embarrassment to his profession tonight and whoever the VAR operators were at VAR HQ tonight need to take a long hard look at themselves, they are a f**king comedy act. Onto Sp*ds, Chokers extraordinaire. Dier should have been sent-off but actually it worked for us in the long run with his abysmal penalty. Lemela, what is the point of Lemela the annoying twat. Finally and to my mind the funniest moment tonight was Spuds complaining when we did not put the ball out following there own player booting Sassoko up in the air, WTF are they on, piss takers. On the whole very satisfying to beat them and put a few more of their players onto the injury list. Hopefully they will just drop away now into mid table obscurity. Up the Chels!!! One Step Beyond!!!
  5. I heard somewhere that when the final comes around at the end of February Spuds will have gone more than 4000 days without a trophy........................ looks like we will be adding another 365 to that number.
  6. Was privileged to be in the ground that night. This is one of my top 3 Chelsea memories from this century, Munich for the Champions League final and The Reebok for that title winning match being the other two. This night I was sat (stood really) in the section round the corner from the main body of the Chelsea fans, just behind some photographers. In a game where we had to score twice as a minimum our support was one of the best I've ever witnessed home or away. Even at 2-0 on aggregate there was still a belief we could do something special. When Frank equalized we went ape, when Bridger scored we went mental and when the full time whistle went there was joy unconfined in the Chelsea ranks. The only dampener on the night was that it was Monaco who got through and not Real Madrid, really wanted to play them. The debacle in Monaco is no doubt chronicled elsewhere so enough said.
  7. Another stinker of a performance....... Sarri ball is bollocks, an experiment that is now misfiring spectacularly.
  8. Sky Sports talking as if we’d lost and the spammers had won. The only winner here was for the anti football brigade, no wonder a Wet Spam season ticket is so cheap as they can’t guarantee there will be any football played. What’s going to happen when this lot play Newcastle, both teams will stay in their own penalty areas! another point so onwards and upwards, bring on the scrounges next weekend.
  9. Justice has now been done! Don’t know who the co commentator on sky is but he’s a c**t.
  10. Love having him around the place, look forward to having him back in the squad.

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