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  1. If we have a 20+ striker, that scores the majority of their chances, this will ease the pressure off the others and I suspect their numbers will improve. I’m pretty sure both Havertz and Werner having better seasons getting 15+ goals each. Pulisic and Mount should be looking at double figures too (all won’t play at the same time and I am talking about goals in all competitions)….
  2. Of course when I say Halland I mean Haaland, lol
  3. If this happens, I’d be ok with it as I think he will score goals for us. Has a reputation as a flat track bully. I say great, bring it on. I would like to see some 5-0 wins this season against the lower middle teams and Kai can score against the big boys. That would banish the press saying we’re dull, park the bus 1-0 merchants, which is of course is utter crap. To be honest, I place Lukaku’s problems at United down to Mourinho. You’d never want to be the striker in a Mourinho team as you will have limited chances per game with his tactics. Lukaku’s record for WBA, when he was just a kid, and at Everton was very good. He is proven in our league, unlike Halland, so for me the pros outweigh the cons. don’t get me wrong, I’d take Halland but fear the Chelsea striker curse rearing its ugly head again and he will flop. Don’t think that would happen with Lukaku…..
  4. Still waiting for mine. Any “normal” season they would have arrived already and am wondering whether the club is waiting a little longer than usual….
  5. I'll spin it this way. Replace Matic with Jorginho in the Conte title team, I'm convinced we would not have won the league that year.... I'm not knocking Jorginho but the way we play and not how Pep plays, I don't think we will win the league with Jorginho in our side. We'd be close but not close enough. To my mind we are just two players short for a shot at the title. A partner for Kante and a goalscoring centre forward. Can we win the CL again with Jorginho, yes, but if we are focusing on both competitions I am convinced we'll fall short in the league with him.
  6. If we are serious at going for the league then we need to replace Jorginho. Titles we have won with him whilst he has been here, the Europa and CL. If ever a player is suited for European football it is him. I won't knock his attitude but unfortunately too limited for the Prem. I always base my views on when my son grows up and asks "what was Jorginho like?" as I do with my dad on players from the 50s and 60s. I'd say "great in Europe, crap in the league, but I liked him but was sold at the right time" - hopefully......
  7. Back in 2012, we win the CL and Eden signed shortly after in the summer. Is history about to repeat itself, he he.....
  8. I think the cons would be that I don't see him fitting Tommy's style of play. Don't see him pressing for example. Having said that, I would take him back. He would have taken a lot of the chances that have gone begging recently. Would be nice to have some experience in that area of the pitch. Won't play week in week out but Eden with a new striker and central midfielder in place of Jorginho and I will be happy......
  9. Another thing, probably why I'm so p***** off. I'm of an age where the FA Cup meant a lot. Of course, give a choice of the FA cup of Champs League, I'll take the latter. But I'm not being defeatest but I don't really think we have a chance against City. Really wanted the FA cup, top 4 and then if we lose against City I would have still said a an excellent season. Once we'd gotten over the loss to City, we'd still have 4th and an FA Cup to show for the season. Silverware every year, whatever it is, is a good habit to get into.....
  10. Thanks Chelsea, weekend ruined. More annoyed with this one compared to the two Arsenal finals. Starting a nasty habit of losing finals even when favourites. I don't blame Kepa for the goal. That's on TT. Mendy saves that or at the very least makes Tielemans think twice about taking a shot. Alonso should never had started nor that useless s*** Ziyech. First out the door for me. What does that guy offer??? Just over hit lobbed crosses!!! I don't care if TT felt the Chilwell, Havertz and Pulisic let him down against the Arse, just give them a rollicking and play them next game. Mount and then two from Werner, Pulisic or Havertz as the front three, don't care which two from that three but please get rid of Ziyech!!!!
  11. Over recent seasons Christensen has been my pet hate. I have now concluded that he is the same as Alonso, only suitable for a wing back system and should never be considered for a back four. In the middle of a back three, he looks decent, like he did under Conte apart from the Barcelona mistake.....
  12. Erland Johnsen for me. Did win player of the year in the early 90s but felt sorry for him that he was not included in the FA Cup final in 1997 particularly after his performances against Leicester, ha ha, and Wimbledon in semi. Some of you may recall that Wimbledon battered us around that time so Johnsen was brought in to make sure that didn't happen in the semi..... He did as much as anyone to ensure we won the cup without having a medal to show for it....
  13. Hi all, Just looking for some 2nd opinions. I'm looking at buying an alternative Chelsea shirt, like a retro shirt, for my 12 year old nephew's birthday. I've been checking out a website . It's pretty clear the shirts that are marketed towards fans of other clubs (Spurs, Liverpool, WHU, Arsenal, Villa etc) when looking at the site but to me the Chelsea one is not apparent. I am guessing the shirt aimed towards a Chelsea fan is the one in the image I attached. However, I'm getting an 80s Millwall vibe from it as opposed to Chelsea..... Do you agree?
  14. The issue I have is that I think the 17 game unbeaten run was really misleading. Includes the easiest Champions League group in living memory and the only victories in the league were against teams at the very bottom. I thought we were crap against Brighton and won and the same against West Ham (I know that wasn't in the unbeaten run). I'm desperate for Frank to succeed but I just can't see it. I think he manages like we would as fans. he is too emotionally involved with Chelsea. I see that when he is sulking on the touch line just like a fan. I want to see an experienced member of the staff with him. Someone like Ray, RIP, would have been perfect.... I'm disappointed that the biggest signings have been messed around. We all thought Werner would be playing through the middle. Hasn't happened so why did we buy him. I know we've had injuries out wide but I would have rather Werner played up front and got his eye in. Havertz I feel for, just told to fill in whereever. If you were buying these two players, I would expect them to be the first two names in the teamsheet with the rest and style of play built around them. This way, if we were having indifferent form, I could still see what Frank is trying to do and where he says they need more time to settle would hold more weight.... One other thing, didn't think he was great but getting rid of Barkley was a mistake, at least he had something to offer going forwards...
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