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  1. Over recent seasons Christensen has been my pet hate. I have now concluded that he is the same as Alonso, only suitable for a wing back system and should never be considered for a back four. In the middle of a back three, he looks decent, like he did under Conte apart from the Barcelona mistake.....
  2. Erland Johnsen for me. Did win player of the year in the early 90s but felt sorry for him that he was not included in the FA Cup final in 1997 particularly after his performances against Leicester, ha ha, and Wimbledon in semi. Some of you may recall that Wimbledon battered us around that time so Johnsen was brought in to make sure that didn't happen in the semi..... He did as much as anyone to ensure we won the cup without having a medal to show for it....
  3. Hi all, Just looking for some 2nd opinions. I'm looking at buying an alternative Chelsea shirt, like a retro shirt, for my 12 year old nephew's birthday. I've been checking out a website . It's pretty clear the shirts that are marketed towards fans of other clubs (Spurs, Liverpool, WHU, Arsenal, Villa etc) when looking at the site but to me the Chelsea one is not apparent. I am guessing the shirt aimed towards a Chelsea fan is the one in the image I attached. However, I'm getting an 80s Millwall vibe from it as opposed to Chelsea..... Do you agree?
  4. The issue I have is that I think the 17 game unbeaten run was really misleading. Includes the easiest Champions League group in living memory and the only victories in the league were against teams at the very bottom. I thought we were crap against Brighton and won and the same against West Ham (I know that wasn't in the unbeaten run). I'm desperate for Frank to succeed but I just can't see it. I think he manages like we would as fans. he is too emotionally involved with Chelsea. I see that when he is sulking on the touch line just like a fan. I want to see an experienced memb
  5. I agree too. Frank does frustrate me as he appears to me to be over cautious with players needing to be 100% ready before he starts them. The amount of times, in the press conference I hear "in the squad but not ready to start". That just irritates me. At the moment, I want to see a settled 11 and a settled way of playing plus formation. I also want to see a settled back four, preferably the back 4 that played v Palace. He's already said no Silva and I have a nasty suspicion that Chilwell will be on the bench as not 100%, in Frank's eyes, so that will be James in and Azpi on the left so
  6. Offers more than RLC at the minute who I would to shift out on loan for the season. When all are fit I would start with Kante and Kova with Kai at 10. For me, it's Barkley and Mount as first choice back ups. RLC goes on loan to see if he can recapture the Sarri form and Jorginho is sold (too slow for Frank's style etc). Hopefully Gilmour can show the Liverpool / Everton form and we 'll be fine otherwise we might be a player short with injuries.
  7. I agree and would play this team too assuming Ziyech and Pulisic are still out. Suspect Frank will play Mount instead of CHO though. Thought CHO was poor tonight but would prefer Frank picked players in their natural positions. I'd be annoyed if Mount plays on the wing or Havertz is pushed out wide. Although Chilwell will be 1st choice, good, I have a feeling Alonso will be back for this one to give Chilwell more time to get fully fit. Wouldn't do this myself but this is my guess with Frank's line up......
  8. Hi all, I was wondering whether anyone can help? I can't, for the life of me, find the link to redeem the 2 free NOW TV sports passes. I've already redeemed them on my season ticket, did it at the start of Project Restart, but my Dad is not going to be using his so I am going to claim his too. You had to enter your season ticket number to the link, but I can't recall if the link was received via an email (can't find the email) or whether it was on the Chelsea website - can't find it there either... If anyone has redeemed their passes, can they remind of the link to enter your seas
  9. Hi all, Quick introduction. Season ticket holder since 1982, from the age of 9. Started off in the family section with my Dad, who's been going since the 50s, and we have both been in the upper tier, row 2, of the East Stand since we left the family section... Consider my first Chelsea team to be the "Dixon" team, although had been going a couple of seasons earlier but favourite seasons would be 1996/97, 2004/05 and 2011/12. Favourite match at The Bridge would be the 4-2 FA Cup game versus Liverpool in 97. Cheers Chris
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