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  1. Hi all, I was wondering whether anyone can help? I can't, for the life of me, find the link to redeem the 2 free NOW TV sports passes. I've already redeemed them on my season ticket, did it at the start of Project Restart, but my Dad is not going to be using his so I am going to claim his too. You had to enter your season ticket number to the link, but I can't recall if the link was received via an email (can't find the email) or whether it was on the Chelsea website - can't find it there either... If anyone has redeemed their passes, can they remind of the link to enter your season ticket number? Cheers Chris
  2. Hi all, Quick introduction. Season ticket holder since 1982, from the age of 9. Started off in the family section with my Dad, who's been going since the 50s, and we have both been in the upper tier, row 2, of the East Stand since we left the family section... Consider my first Chelsea team to be the "Dixon" team, although had been going a couple of seasons earlier but favourite seasons would be 1996/97, 2004/05 and 2011/12. Favourite match at The Bridge would be the 4-2 FA Cup game versus Liverpool in 97. Cheers Chris

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