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  1. Squint? Not even if I close my eyes mate :(
  2. Nice journey for Norwich fans to make home after that... Also wouldn't really expect anything else mate!
  3. https://www.express.co.uk/sport/football/735618/Steve-Holland-Chelsea-England-Tottenham-job-share-news
  4. And St Harry is free mate, well when he's not making bloody Roly Poly adverts. If these are the answers I'm dreading somebody asking the question.
  5. After the whole Sarri situation to then go for another divisive manager would seem a shade on the odd side (not unheard of at Chelsea), he also doesn't exactly play the expansive football that we keep hearing so much about... Probably win the Champions League though :D
  6. https://www.football365.com/news/meeting-imminent-as-chelsea-line-up-newcastle-boss-benitez This has to be BS, surely!
  7. That sort of reporting is exactly what you would expect from the media, not a single mention that it was a Liverpool fan who threw it. 2 mentions of where it came from (upper tier & top tier) and a "At this stage it's not clear who threw the flare." If that was at the Bridge it would be framed as "Chelsea fans throw flare at Liverpool fans" and that would be the headline or they'd mentioned the injured child, it definitely would not be "Police look at Anfield flare incident" ffs.
  8. In fairness to him they are on target for the 2nd or 3rd highest points total in Premier league history.
  9. No they don't, I believe that spot would go to the 3rd team in France. https://www.uefa.com/uefaeuropaleague/news/newsid=2598506.html
  10. SAMP 'CLOSE TO SIGNING ZOUMA' Sampdoria president Massimo Ferrero says his club are set to lure Chelsea defender Kurt Zouma to Genoa this summer. "I'm close to signing Zouma. And I'll have also another surprise", he told Gazzetta dello Sport. The France international only moved to Stamford Bridge from St Etienne in 2014, with the 20-year-old contracted to the Blues until 2019. Surely he has to be smoking some strong stuff!
  11. Rodgers on Costa stamp "He could easily hurdle over the young player and he directs his studs right on to his ankle, which could've been nasty." Rodgers on Gerrard stamp “Steven, in the changing room, apologised to the players and to myself,” Rodgers told Sky Sports. “It was probably frustration there from Steven, he’s an honest guy, very competitive and probably frustrated at the first half watching us because we never put a tackle in, we never made a challenge. “He’s come on and unfortunately got sent off. The players adjusted well, Steven has said his apology and we move on. “He’s a guy that knows as well as anyone that it is difficult to play in the big games with 10 men but he’s a wonderful character and he’ll be as disappointed as anyone.” Rodgers on Skrtel stamp “I’ve seen that and the ball is played through and in slow motion it looks worse that what it probably is,” he said. “I think he is stretching to get that toe on the ball and it’s then gone in to the keeper’s hands and when you see it in slow motion it looks like he has maybe purposely stood on him but Martin’s not that type of player and he was just a fraction out and then the referee blows the final whistle.” So to confirm Costa is nasty and Gerrard is honest & probably frustrated while Skrtel looks bad in slow motion and of course he's not that type of player (which if there is anybody who is that type of player Sktrtel is your man).
  12. Odds are not necessarily an indication of anything other than the bookies think somebody will back an event at those odds, prime example are most next manager markets... Keane was about 1/33 for the Celtic job only a few days ago. That said it would be brilliant to see the reaction of the poxy Gooner brigade at their beloved Cesc in a Chelsea shirt, not sure if it's the right signing myself though.
  13. I think Thorgen will probably be loaned next season to a much better level than the Belgin league as he looks bloody decent, he looks a lot better than I thought in fairness!
  14. I thought he'd terrorise an average Championship defence tonight... That's going well so far!

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