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  1. Pre order done and 3 days early access. This year I’m going to try the app trading and get myself a super team without much money spent on Fifa points. I’m completely glad they’ve changed the engine as Fifa 18 was dreadful. This could be an interesting instalment of Fifa. Fingers crossed EA don’t ruin in. Anyone purchased yet?
  2. Sarri switched Mertens from an underperforming talented wide player to a fantastic striker and he’s had the best few seasons in his career. I hope he can do the same should Martial come to Chelsea.
  3. Rumours in Spain that 170m deal has been agreed.
  4. That’s us now, sitting back and inviting pressure. Usual.
  5. If you’re on squad battles on a high level, yeah it goes the correct way constantly. Its impossible to beat the keeper from a penalty on ultimate. Legendary is 50/50.
  6. Liverpool are superb at counter attacking and using the pace of the front three with great full backs overlapping. However, you cannot counter attack a team who don’t have the ball and we are letting Liverpool spread the passes around and it’s totally out of their comfort zone. They’re the masters of pressing and closing down, however Conte has recognised this and Liverpool look absolutely clueless.
  7. Salah wins poty and on course to break numerous records. Of course he is. Who’s next? Batshuayi?
  8. One minute into the game. Brighton through on goal and a forearm smash from Wanyama.....play on. Spurs are absolute scum and get off with anything.
  9. I could spew everytime I watch De Bruyne. Anyone with any element of sense could see how good he was at a young inexperienced age. It hurts watching how good he has become elsewhere. Also, Salah.
  10. Luckiest goal ever for Eriksen. Harry Kane will claim it.

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