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Wenger spends more time at the FA


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If Jose came out with half the stuff Wenger spouts, we'd never hear the last of it. There's something horribly self-righteous about the Arse, and that goes for supporters, the players and the manager. It's a kind of institutionalised sanctimoniousness.

There's a quote from some Arse fan on the same page: "Wenger gets pilloried for every minor incident, whether provoked or not". Oh come on would you. Wenger's been getting away with murder for the last couple of years. The less they win, the more he rants, the more he blames anyone and everyone except him and his bunch of over-rated posers.

And yes of course they're a better team than us. That's why we're ... umm how many points ahead of them in the Premiership is it now? That's why we're in the FA Cup Final and they were knocked out in the Quarter Finals. That's why we beat them in the Carling Cup Final, and that's why we're in the Champions League semi's and they're ... not.

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