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Hello from Austria :)


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 Tell us how you found us and how long you've supported Chelsea
Well, i searched "Chelsea Forum" at Google and than i found this site.

In the year 2005 (i was 13 years old) i had the possibility over Pay-TV to watch international Football. So i watched some Games and i found myself to sympathize with Chelsea.
Lampard,Terry,Drogba and Petr Cech were some players i really liked to watch and since then i followed Chelsea.

your favourite game, goal,
Hard to tell, Drogba`s Goal against Bayern in that Night in Munich was my biggest screamer of all time till now.
Hazard's equalizer and therefore the Result that they will not be Champions was also a good one.

Pull up a chair and tell us about you!
I am 26years old, beside of Chelsea i support my Hometown Club in Austria "SK Sturm Graz" on all Home Games and many away games.
I already planning to Visit London and watching a Chelsea game, and trink good beer in a good Pub :) 

Hope you liked it :D



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