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  1. Mason Mount ❤️ This Boy has a Bright Future
  2. Good Victory against the Spuds who are absolutely poor without Kane but these guys needs to be buried in 2nd Half with 0:3. Tuchel must sharpen the Forwarders but it looks already much better than under Lampard.
  3. He never played at RB Lepizig as a Winger, only as striker in the center or a little behind of striker. No idea why he put he put him as a Winger🙄
  4. I am so done with Lampard. Werner is a striker, he is no winger he will never play as a winger with good performance. Why does he keep using and makes the same mistake over and over again🙄😑
  5. Why can't anyone shoot pls, passing the ball all time to another...
  6. And again we are loosing an Match were we completely wasted our chances. 2nd Half was pure dog sh*t.
  7. In the End it hurts a bit. Of course Taylor was a big pile of sh*t, but our Team was also a complete Desaster. Defence is not worth to wear the Chelsea Shirt. Lampard needs also some inspiration - bringing the ball mostly high in the middle and always get cleared out is no Tactic at all. All of that, it was not our Day and we had Bad luck. ArsenalFanTV retards will celebrate like they are God's now...
  8. Rüdiger, Alonso, Zouma I never wanna see them again next Season. Absolute disgrace performance of them. Red Card Kovacic well what a f**king day it is
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