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  1. And again we are loosing an Match were we completely wasted our chances. 2nd Half was pure dog sh*t.
  2. In the End it hurts a bit. Of course Taylor was a big pile of sh*t, but our Team was also a complete Desaster. Defence is not worth to wear the Chelsea Shirt. Lampard needs also some inspiration - bringing the ball mostly high in the middle and always get cleared out is no Tactic at all. All of that, it was not our Day and we had Bad luck. ArsenalFanTV retards will celebrate like they are God's now...
  3. Rüdiger, Alonso, Zouma I never wanna see them again next Season. Absolute disgrace performance of them. Red Card Kovacic well what a f**king day it is
  4. Azpi is just too slow for this Hope the Team wakes up and will start to attack again
  5. Our Defense or Keeper are too weak. We have to get +2 Goals more than Wolves, LPool showed us that there is 1 chance enough to score against us.
  6. Watching the Goals we received still hurts but there is one thing I need to say. Pulisic, Mount, Abraham, Werner, Ziyech, James, Gilmour, Hudson-Odoi, Abraham our Young Boys have enormous Potential to set some Nightmares to the enemy Teams. Our Future is secured and it looks very bright to be Honest. Give Lampard some Time and those Boys will be Man and will be Dangerous to any Team we Face.
  7. Endgame time. This Game has no Room for a draw. Lampard needs to set up the actual best players on the Pitch at first Minute and not to wait 1 Half of the Game. Looking forward and can't wait for the start but I'm damn nervous. The Wolves are such an Tough Team 😬
  8. This Game is not over... These subs giving me hope
  9. Does he want another two goals today? I hope he wants 3+ more 😉
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