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  1. What a performance by the LADS, I never imagined that Tuchel could do that for us. Still in Tears, I never had the real Believe that we could make it. But here we are are - THE CHAMPIONS OF EUROPE. Blue is the Colour,💙
  2. In Tears, we made it LADS I love you all Regards from Austria
  3. I'm so nervous about tonight. This could be it, one of those Magic Knights against a Team the whole Media is praising of how good they are. Need to cool the Beer and Whiskey, but I am so damn ready 😁😀
  4. f**k we need Tottenham to get ourself in CL, cause our bottle Team can't win it
  5. Imagine all you have to do is a simple Win against a Mid Team Table. And we absolute bottle it.. Frustrating.
  6. That's a Fact and I agree with you. I have no problem if many players of Middlefield and Forward is leaving us, still sure that young players and new ones will be an Upgrade to actual one. Unbelievable that Mount is the only Dangerous one if you think what we invest last year and now get this piss what we have with vertical pass in and out.
  7. Chilwell was offside, I blame the Team to be such a Mess who not wanted to Win. We are not Tottenham but we Act like them as we bottling every Chance we get right now. Man City can Rape us and Top 4 is nothing secured.
  8. VAR is not the Reason for our Lose. Leicester has 1 Shot to our Goal and winning. We createt not much chances and wasting them like it's nothing. Buckle up for the next Games as we need to Bounce back. By the Way get a f**kING STRIKER, this is symbolic.
  9. Mount, Pulisic, Kante, Cho, Havertz and now Giroud and you can't create a sh*t load of pressure...
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