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Bye Bye Jose, hello...who?


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Okay, this to me, is the end for Jose. Now, not ebcause I want him to leave, nor do I wish for him to leave. In an ideal world he would stay until his contract ends in 2010, and he would leave as one of teh greatest, infact, THE GREATEST manager Chelsea Football Club has ever had.

I however, hope that if he does stay, he will try and use some of the creativity of the players he has signed, and not rely mainly on the muscle of a power forward. I also hope that he gets rid of this notion of players being untouchable. Lampard has not delivered for many games now, his passion seems to eb at a low, and his crossing and free kicks are woefull at best.

However, jose did say that he would need three years to form a team with enough gel to win the titles. Succsss came in his first and second season, and to some extent this season with silverware already in the trophy cabinet. However, the carling cup pales in comparison with the glory of theCL (put out tonight by liverpool), and the EPL, (which altough mathematically is still achievable, is very unlikeyl to be comming back to the bridge). However, will Jose be a victim of his own success. Stating that we needed 3 years before we could contend, and then winning straight out of the gates?

Also, I am pretty sure that this team, this season, is one that jose has fully put together. Maybe with the exception of Roman's signing, Shevchanko. So he has no one else to blame for his "failure" to win either of the two titles we so desperately want. Of course, there is still the FA cup, but that has still to be decided, and belive me, I would not be unhappy in a season where we won both the CC and the FA.

But, the inability to win the cup with the big ears again, is that the final nail in the coffin for Jose? I fear it may be.

Now, don't accuse me of being a johnny come lately, and saying that I feel we should win these titles year in year out, for that is not what I am saying. I love Chelsea, and I love jose, and I will forever be thankfull to him for letting me experience Chelsea win the premiership not once, but twice in my lifetime.

But, in this era, the Era of Roman's bankbalance, we are in a very fortunate position of being able to contend for MAJOR silverware, and Roman has made it more than evident that the CL would be his pride and joy. Failure to appease the boss, I fear, means failure to perform in his eyes, so he will looks elsewhere.

So, if Jose does go, who do you see comming in to replace him. I hope it is not Hiddink, and I think that is merely a name the rpess have come up with due to his Russian ties. And I don't even entartain the tought of Alardyce or Klinssman!

So who would be your pick, and why? For me it has to eb someone with a great knowledge of European football, and someone who cna put teh flair and creativity back into a side brimming with so much potential. Do we feel that there will be a swap with Jose going to Inter, and Mancini comming to the bridge?


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