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  1. a rather turgid affair, lots of possession but little end product. I feel that both James and Azpi delayed balls into the box far too often. Also felt that Mount tried hard but could have looked up more. Lukaku at the end could have squared it to RLC. Anyway, 3 points, but obviously in second due to goal difference. Take it and move on. Up the Chels
  2. It's wild to see folks getting upset about a banner celebrating a player that's been with us since they were 6yo ffs. Anyway, i'm all for all our academy lads getting banners
  3. Stories doing the rounds on Twitter (so take this with a grain of salt), that he's unhappy with the way he's being treated, and will push for a move in the next Window. It does seem strange that we made a big deal to keep him, and yet under a few managers now he's only got a few limited chances, and not even in his best position. Starting to wonder if the club are kicking themselves for not taking Bayern's offer a couple windows back
  4. Billy has always impressed me carrying the ball forward, he has great vision for passes too. He stated before that he saw himself as a "Fabregas" type player. I think he's good, but really excels with a solid DM beside him
  5. https://www.thefa.com/news/2021/sep/01/chelsea-fc-charged-010921
  6. great read, thanks for sharing! What a story, and how great that his parents, even though separated, both told him he wasn't coming home!
  7. I think Matip also booted the ball away earlier in the game. Salah and Henderson (pr*ck) were screaming in his face several times, but somehow avoided any discipline. I think both Rudiger and Mendy got yellows after the penalty skirmish. And today I see that the FA are charging Chelsea for failing to control our players.
  8. send him back for that outfit alone
  9. Tuchel personally made us lose James? It was a goalmouth scramble, and trying to pin this on Alonso seems a bit of a stretch and pure conjecture.
  10. Saul added, so now even less of a chance to RLC. Surprised he's not on loan. Unless TT plans on maybe changing up tactics to a 4-3-3 for some games, I'm not sure he gets much time, sadly
  11. yeah, unless we have just paid the release clause for Kounde it doesn't make as much sense.
  12. honestly, just pay the clause at this point. WE've sold Zouma, loaned out Ampadu, so that surely makes up the difference from our initial offer. Saul confirmed, so adding Kounde would be amazing.
  13. Ampadu off on loan to Venezia, wonder if that was waiting until the Saul deal was done.
  14. its very obviously a fan account. I doubt she'd have a public facebook account and be posting players on there with quotes like "I'd very much like Saul at Chelsea" and has a pic of our Spanish players as if to tempt him
  15. I don't think we need to be in a massive rush to sign anyone. We addressed the main area of concern by adding Lukaku. I think we've enough depth to be able to compete again. I know the CB situation with Zouma gone and Kounde maybe not coming in does leave us a little light, and the same is obviously true in the midfield if we don't land Saul on loan. However, trying to add players into a CL winning squad can upset the balance of the team, and I think TT has worked very well to build a winning group of players with a great camaraderie. We are also still trying to fit in some players from last seasons window (I also think a number of fans need to remember not every window will be like last seasons) I am actually glad we aren't succumbing to the Twitter mentality of "just sign someone!" Only this window have we got rid of the likes of Bakayoko, Zappacosta, Drinkwater and other players I feel were panic buys molded from the "just sign some players" mentality. I think Ampadu, Chalobah, and RLC give us enough depth and I trust Tuchel to integrate them as needed
  16. Baka to Milan on a two year loan with option to make it permanent at the end, and somehow we will make 20Mill out of this deal?
  17. Same as the Timo Werner one. I'm not saying much more because we also had a great one for Bakayoko
  18. Him and Lamps in recent memory for sure
  19. I think I joined the old CSR back in the late 90's as a way to keep up with Chelsea news while living in the US. Glad to say I've met a few folks at games and even for beers outside of games due to this forum. I remember the old CSR you replied directly to someone and it popped up as a diagonal list to all the replies...and people we upset when that was taken away!
  20. any links for tonights friendly??
  21. Welcome! I've been to Pittsburgh a couple of time. Golfed, toured the Warhol museum, and got to see the Pirates play the Phillies. I liked how the Baseball and Football stadiums are both right by one another (relatively) and by the river. Been all over Texas, but not Austin...something I'll likely rectify even if it's just to try all the BBQ
  22. 4 goals for he who is both handsome and good. including the perfect Chapeaux
  23. Broja was a standout in the Academy, and I hope he makes the grade here. I think he has a better chance to do so if Frank stays in charge
  24. becoming a favourite of mine, but I completely understand if he wants to leave to get full games or increased playing time. I think his abilities are great as a center forward target man, and if he does choose to leave I hope it's not until the summer
  25. Out of interest, how long do folks that want another manager in give Lampard? I saw 5 years being bandied about, so if Frank is into the 2nd year of his 5 years, are we giving him 3 more after this one? Assuming that is the case, what is the minimum he would have to deliver between now and then? Personally, if you could tell me, seeing as we are using Klopp as an example, we gave Lampard 5 years total, and at the end of that he'd have delivered a CL title and a PL title, I'd be completely fine with that.
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