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  1. Its the greatest hangover cure.
  2. I think that he could become a ball playing CB with more assured responsibilities than David Luiz
  3. He is both handsome and good, Olivier Giroud
  4. Jesus, mate. Digging that one out is next level
  5. I think we are good enough to finish in the top 4, but some of that has to do with the competition for the top 4. I also think that if the City ban goes though we are well good enough to make top 5 so that could be a blessing. Also next year don't we finally get our first summer to spend the Eden money, along with the cash from the Morata deal being finalized. I think we'll sell a good chunk of players and have one hell of a "war chest" to go into the market with. However, other clubs knowing that could inflate prices, so we need to take no sh*te in the market and have several targets lined up.
  6. Mate, you and me both, although I'm sure you've got me beat by a few years when it comes to following Chelsea. Nevin and Speedie had just finished their time at Chelsea when I started following. For me it was Clarke, Spenny, and *cough* Burley that had me hooked as a wee man. I don't want to get too hyped about Billy GOAT, but he looks solid, and the fact he bases his game on Cesc is promising. Long live the Billy GOAT
  7. yep, both 5ft 6in. Surprisingly, Maka was 5ft 9in
  8. Where in CO? If in Denver there is a solid chapter of the CIA (Chelsea in America - an official supporters group) that meet regularly at a pub on the north side of downtown.
  9. Used to live in GA back in the 90's. Got friends there still, mainly in the ATL area. Welcome
  10. Believe me, mate, I wasn't expecting it but very very happy to see him step in like he has
  11. Was traveling yesterday so didn't manage to see it live. I was pleased to read about Barkley getting a goal, and that Kepa had made some great saves. Manged to watch it on replay today and I think Kepa had a very good game, but other than the goal Barkley again showed that he's a backup player at best. What a shaky start to that game, and I wonder if that comes from changes in the CB pairing, but thankfully didn't concede and then took the game to Liverpool which was refreshing to see. Yes they had about 7 changes, but still a great team and we should hold our heads high. Injuries look to really plague us this season, and I'm struggling to think what formation we play against Everton at the weekend. I hope Kova is fit, because in the post match interview, Lamaprd said that even RLC knows that he's not fully match fit, so I can't see him starting. I could see us playing 3-4-3 but who makes up the midfield 2 I don't know! Love seeing Billy getting MOTM, I felt he'd get overrun in the midfield but his composure was exemplary for a lad of only 18; he looked more mature than some of his seniors in that game. I try not to get too hyped about him, as anyone that's known me over the years knows that I've longed to see another Scotsman in the ranks of Chelsea. I hope he gets a couple more games, or at least game time while Jorginho is out. Frustrating that we didn't score more, but onto the next round, so that's all that matters. I do have to call out Pedro, though. I though he played well, but frustrating. His defensive contribution was exceptional, his finishing was maddening. I think he ran out of steam around the 75 minute mark, and therefore I think he's got to be replaced in the starting 11 next season. Hopefully by then all our young lads, and Ziyech will be ready to go. Absolute stalwart of a player, and I'll miss him, but the time is right to accept that this is his final season with us.
  12. I don't see why we haven't tried a front 2 this season. Not necessarily starting, but when chasing a game I don't think we have tried two strikers on at the same time.
  13. mad_mac

    Ben Chilwell

    Sadly, I think Chilwell is hyped more than he warrants. I don't think he's the answer to our needs
  14. Rumours now that he's off to Man U
  15. So Jorginho can play as its a different competition? I think that means the mid three will be Jorginho, Kova, Barkley.
  16. For once this season, Midfield becomes the main area of uncertainty. With Kante out injured, and Jorginho out for 10 yellows, it leaves us with Kova as our only true starter in the middle. I don't think RLC will start this game, and if he does I'm not sure he would start in the midfield 3 anyway, unless we go absolutely crazy-ape-sh*t-bonkers and revisit a diamond with Rubes at the top of the diamond! I stated in another thread, but I can't see Gilmour starting this one either, he's too little and I think he'd be overrun in a game like this. I also don't see James start in there as I think Frank will pursue with a back 3 and then James and Alonso as wing backs. Really struggling to put a team together for this one, and don't see why we couldn't give some reserves a shot (But I fully expect it to be Giroud up front or the first 70 minutes)
  17. Not sure throwing Gilmour into the mix tomorrow against Liverpool is the correct answer. As for jorginho, I like some of his game, really don't like others. Such a chalk and cheese player; however, I wouldn't mid us trying to swap Kante back and Jorginho a little further forward...why not?
  18. Not heard anything about him at all, mate. It's like a media black hole around this guy. Some folks said they thought he was fit but being snubbed by Lampard, but I can't see that being the case. I hope we let Pedro and Willian go, add CHO, Ziyech, Pulisic, RLC and Mount into the squad full time. Let Bats and Giroud go, and get a prime striker (not sure who) in for those lads all in behind or out wide. I think that'd be quite exciting.
  19. Fantastic group of players, congratulations to them
  20. Not optimistic, but hopeful. I think Liverpool will want the win after 2 losses recently, so any hope of them fielding a b-team is gone. Best we can hope for is they have an off day and we nick one
  21. Frustrating last night as he put in a decent shift, but he isn't the quickest with the ball at his feet. He was closed down a few times when he should have been looking up for the pass. I know we want our midfielders to score, but last night I felt is Mason was a little matured, he would have had a couple of assists rather than a couple of frustrating attempts
  22. can someone remind me: Are away goals still a thing?
  23. Always feels great doing the league double over Spurs. Top 4 is going to be a battle to the end, but with the Man City thing it'd be strange if it then develops to Top 5 I like the back 3 with Alonso and James, think it's pretty solid. The midfield of Kova and Jorginho is good too, and with some mobility ahead of him I think Jorginho can really pick a pass; however, he does need someone to cover for the gaps he leaves. Giroud and Alsonso I am very happy for, came on and took their chances well. VAR in the PL is fast becoming the laughing stock of the footballing world
  24. no amount of sh*tty VAR decisions are going to cover the fact that we were toothless again in the final 3rd. Think we had three shots on goal, two were ruled out and one was Mount's free kick during the embers of the game
  25. Front three is a worry, and I really want to know what Lampard has against Giroud. Also a very interesting development with Kepa. Glad Willy is a solid enough back up, but Kepa will need to fight to get his place back. If he's benched in the coming games, he's as good as gone, and I'm sure the club will take a massive loss on him

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