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  1. Welcome! I've been to Pittsburgh a couple of time. Golfed, toured the Warhol museum, and got to see the Pirates play the Phillies. I liked how the Baseball and Football stadiums are both right by one another (relatively) and by the river. Been all over Texas, but not Austin...something I'll likely rectify even if it's just to try all the BBQ
  2. 4 goals for he who is both handsome and good. including the perfect Chapeaux
  3. Broja was a standout in the Academy, and I hope he makes the grade here. I think he has a better chance to do so if Frank stays in charge
  4. becoming a favourite of mine, but I completely understand if he wants to leave to get full games or increased playing time. I think his abilities are great as a center forward target man, and if he does choose to leave I hope it's not until the summer
  5. Out of interest, how long do folks that want another manager in give Lampard? I saw 5 years being bandied about, so if Frank is into the 2nd year of his 5 years, are we giving him 3 more after this one? Assuming that is the case, what is the minimum he would have to deliver between now and then? Personally, if you could tell me, seeing as we are using Klopp as an example, we gave Lampard 5 years total, and at the end of that he'd have delivered a CL title and a PL title, I'd be completely fine with that.
  6. I'm actually hoping that we don't mess with the backline too much. Midfield three will obviously include Kante and Mount, I'd imagine. Up Front I wouldn't mind seeing Ziyech, CHO, and maybe even Giroud
  7. Decent effort and game overall. I think Cuty were the better side, and we gave up too much in the middle late on (see their 3rd goal). Anjorin the stand out player for us
  8. I think the same midfield 3 need a run out for this game, and I think that Chilwell is one of the first names on the team sheet from here on out, assuming fitness. Up front, I think we play Giroud with Ziyech and CHO either side.
  9. I will be looking for a stream on this if anyone has one! https://www.chelseafc.com/en/news/2020/11/01/we-ve-met-before--chelsea-vs-man-city-in-the-fa-youth-cup
  10. Welcome to the forum. A great time to have started following Chelsea, with some great players in and around the team back then, in looking back then it was certainly a transition toward what made us attractive to Roman
  11. Very frustrating, but I can't even imagine how he is feeling. I'm actually glad to see the reaction from him that we got as he came off the pitch against Burnley. Had he just walked over, put on a hoody and sat in the bleachers, I'd certainly get "Sturridge" vibes from him. But he showed that he's more annoyed than any of us fans watching him. Does anyone know if he's ever had back injuries? I've had back issues for a long time, and one of the things that can lead to is a felling of pulled hamstrings constantly. I'm sure the medical staff would have picked up on this, but just wondering if there is a history of it. Kind of agree that he should be used sparingly until he's fully fit, and maybe do the whole "oh, sorry, he picked up an injury again!" Before he trails off to play some friendly for the US National team against Barbados or wherever.
  12. Great to see CHO get his goal, and I think Ziyech is an amazing threat. Whipping in great crosses, taking shots from outside the area (maybe he could teach that to Kova?). Sadly I think the penalty taker debate has to resurface More of the same second half.
  13. I like to see CHO start, and Ziyech. I also like Timo through the middle as he's been good there.
  14. I think he and Silva are the obvious pairing. Kurt is good in the air, and Silva has all the experience so they complement one another quite well. I remember a stat on twitter about our partnerships last year, and statistically we were most vulnerable when Christensen played; surprisingly, not Rudiger.
  15. Didn't Veron also rip home a beauty against, I think, Liverpool on his debut for us?
  16. I think he was a pen taker for us, and I remember him hammering one home late on in a 2-1 home win over Utd in the 07-08 season (sadly Utd went on to win that season...man that back and forth with them from 04 on was huge!).
  17. Take the positives of a clean sheet with Mendy and SIlva in the side again. BUt a pretty boring game with limited chances other than Timo. I think us and Sevilla should be the teams to go through (fingers crossed) so I'm not to disappointed to draw this game
  18. Looks like no Mendy for this one, but Chillwel and Ziyech are available
  19. Proposal unanimously rejected at PL Shareholder's meeting today.
  20. I hope he gets game time under Scotty Parker. I think the club would rather keep him than Barkley, and we may look to sell Barkley for a profit next summer. I feel this is a make or break deal for Ruben, if he goes to Fulham and aggravates his injury again, then I fear that will be the final straw for him having a future here.
  21. I may have been away for a while, but do folk in the Uk still call Black people "coloured?"
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