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MY take on Wembley


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Nothing special actually?and nothing that you can't read int he papers this morning...

Don?t get me wrong the stadium is excellent high-sided good views all-round even though I was in the gods.. Not dissimilar to the Nou Camp.. that?s the good bit.

The merchandise, grub, programs I have no opinion because like a good blue trooper I boycotted the lot.

The facilities? better known as the bogs? .Okay if you are a woman ! Seemed to be 10 womens and one mens in my section? So I used the girls ? apologies to any ladies I offended.

Okay the really bad bits?. Getting to and from! How the hell did we win the Olympic bid? Did they not consider the hell?. The Tube was a nightmare.. not so bad getting there cos I left The Globe about 12, but getting out just took hours. Wembley Central seems a better bet than Wembley Park? They were supposed to lay on extra trains and to be fair the trains were not too packed in my experience but the queuing was agony. And the approach to the stadium.. .just ain't what it was in my opinion.. It used to be all open with the steps up and all that.. a lot of construction going on and getting out just bottle necked? shambles?

Atomsphere.. well it was not bad, mancs were useless the most sound they made was when the so-called cup legends came out.

All in all, it is a slightly better stadium than the millennium stadium, but unbelievably the same time to get out place!!!!

Oh and the suits arriving back 10 mins into the second half after their buffet no doubt... disgrace !

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