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FIFA U20 World Cup

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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I'm delighted with Polnad victory over Brazil in the opening game. I would love to see one of these guys at Chelsea one day. We have played with 10 men for most of the game but still managed to win.

As for our supposed transfer target Pato, he was invisible for most of the time so I can't say anything about him.

Now I'm watching 2nd half of USA-South Korea and I'm hugely impressed by the Asians. They make Freddy Adu look really average.

I hope our scouts are in Canada looking to add some talent to our academy.

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It's not fair to rate Pato after just one game but it looked as if he needed to rest of the team to play really well for him to do it. He didn't seem like the kind of player who can carry a team or do something special when the rest of the team is playing badly.

He had some nice touches but also alot of bad ones.

I don't think I watched the entire game because I was nodding off from time to time in the 2nd half. Can't understand why I was so tired.

Anyway. I must say that Poland played really well. Great defending and everyone sacrified everything for the team. Nice to see with such young players. Wouldn't mind giving some of them a chance at Chelsea.

Nice freekick too. Great way to start off a tournament. A great goal and a bit of a surprise win icon_wink.gif

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As for the last game. the score speaks for itself. We got spanked badly and it was ugly. I know I shouldn't expect consistency from U-20 team but 6-1?! icon_eek.gif

Here are highlights of the game if anyone's interested

That said, Adu has been brilliant this time and Kalou is spot on about Zizzo. Guy has great pace, good control and cross. One more game like this and he will be playing in Europe very soon.

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