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No service for Chelsea's 'sporting prodigy' Sahar

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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No service for Chelsea's 'sporting prodigy' Sahar

Very short story, couple of days old (surprised I haven't seen it mentioned else where) - no quotes or proof.. but I hope its true. I don't want this to get into the debate of him being excused whilst others have to fight... but just the fact he can focus on his football now and hopefully make some first team appearences for us next season. Although this bit '...and will not be required until he returns to live in Israel.'... did strike me as a bit odd... I wouldn't ever return if thats the case.!

Just spotted another article on the website, little interview with Ben and his mother, both have high hopes for this upcoming season..

Home boy Sahar enjoys first taste of success at Chelsea

Well, the Mail are into him anyway icon_wink.gif

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