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  1. I'd like to think he wouldn't jump ship so quickly, but I guess it's always a possibility.
  2. I hope we can keep him for a while, because some of the things he can do with the ball at his feet are ridiculous. Every time he gets the ball you can sense fans in the stadium edge forward in their seats, expecting something to happen. My only worry is if Real/Barca come knocking we might struggle to hold onto him.
  3. Really? My itinerary says you'll be refused travel.
  4. Just like four years ago I'm struggling to think about anything else. I'm just a mixture of nerves and excitement, but I'm sure a beer or two in Munich will calm my nerves slightly. The coach journey is going to drag.
  5. Saw Muse on Friday and Saturday night at Wembley. Absolutely brilliant, phenomenal - choose your superlative. It was weird walking up Wembley Way for a concert instead of a Chelsea game, my reflex action was to start a rendition of Carefree!
  6. No videos added Alan, thought you was Youtube Man!

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