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Who will get the most returns from their strikers?

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

Who will gain the most from the front men?  

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    • Arsenal
    • Chelsea
    • Liverpool
    • Newcastle
    • Manchester United
    • Tottenham

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With the new season about to kick off many clubs have re-structured their strike force.

Some big name players have gone and bigger names have arrived.

Which club do you think will benefit the most from their strikers?

Note - Not only goals but contribution to style of play, assits, movement etc.

Arsenal - Henry and Van Persie + Adebayor, Theo and Alladiere around. (and Reyes if he stays)

Chelsea - Drogba and Shevchenko + Kalou around.

Liverpool - Crouch and Bellamy + Fowler and Pongolle around.

Newcastle - Owen and Luque + Ameobi

Manchester United - Rooney and Saha + Smith, Solskjaer and perhaps Rossi.

Tottenham - Keane and Berbatov + Defoe.

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Well, I don't think it will be us.

The way we play, we will again be relying on a lot of goals from midfield - in particular Lampard and Ballack.

However, this is probably a good thing - relying solely on strikers to score goals makes teams a bit one-dimensional. Just look at Arsenal - if Henry doesn't perform, Arsenal don't win.

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Keane will get more goals a season if he keeps it simple in front of goal and stops trying to be Van Basten .Works hard though .

Fowler is a has -been , Crouch is ordinary with not a lot to his game and misses more than he gets .

Owen can be a headless chicken at times , but if he gets on a roll he's lethal.

Rooney dosent get enough goals for my liking , geeat talent but not prolific enough. Saha , good eye for goal , needs regular football .

Drogba and Shevchenko ....Drogs can be sublime at times , but can be 4th division material too . Love him to bits but will struggle if he dosent come up with the goods in the time allowed .

Sheva , capable of anything , but as was mentioned , depends on how he adapts to our style of play.

Henry , simply class ....When all around him is as it suits him .

Reyes , the cry baby .... I Couldnt give a b******s . A whinging wimp .

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It depends how you want to measure it; percentage of all goals scored, or total number of goals scored.

As a percentage of goals scored it would be hard to go past Arsenal from that list, who will depend a LOT on Henry and van Persie to nab the goals. I don't think Hleb, Fabregas or Rosicky are going to get over 10 goals in the season. Other teams in this category would be Tottenham, West Ham and Middlesbrough

As an aggregregate figure, I'd say Manchester United, or ourselves.

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