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Kids in the sweetshop?


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We pinched the European Champion's winning manager a couple of years ago in persuit for our own glory years. Jose was touted as one of the best in the business when he joined us. We used his methods, the same that were employed at Porto, albeit on a lower budget, and applied them to the Premier League winning it twice and finishing runner-up in 3 years.

It looks like were now looking to a more recent European winner in Ten Cate in persuit of our next glory years and change of philosophy. Rijkaard has also been mentioned. The temptation of 'total' free-flowing football seems inviting, but on a more serious note who are we going to 'copy' next. Other clubs say we don't have the history or the pedigree to compete as a top club, are we proving them right?

It seems accepted by some on this site that it's OK to carry on the way we are, some have even included Messi and Kaka in sides we could see next year. Can we just buy who ever we like? Roman knows everyone's got a price afterall!

Are we being run with the degree of professionalism a top club requires or are some, Roman included, behaving like a spolit child in a sweet shop?


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Mod how did you do that??

Bluenut good post.....

We broke the mould when we won the league,we smashed the dominance of M*n Utd and Arsenal for those 3 unforgetable seasons.

Im not particually bothered what supporters/players/managers of other clubs think OUR club....

...They all say 'we bought the league,we got no history'.

This new situation at the club is going to happen regardless.

Let them slag us off,let them say what they want and spill their bile onto newspaper print....

....I couldn't give a f**k wheather or not the new manager/1st team coach's policy proves them right.

Personally for me,nothing has really changed from my point of view.....

The owner,the cheif exec,the chairman.....I dont 100% trust any of them.

But I didn't trust Bates either.

We need to keep an eye on how the club is being run.

Let them know when they do something right (train to Wigan,Hull)....

And let them know when they f**k up.

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