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Stat doctor is in town...


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Following the revelation that Kalou is our top assister in the PL this season I found a raft of other interesting stats. Of course some will feel that stats don't tell the whole story and that's true. But at the same time they can also be quite revealing in the sense that they take the subjectivity out of the equation.

The first set show Lampard against Ballack. Not really to compare the two, but rather to show that some of the comment about Lampard and his "poor" form this season is not backed up by the facts. He is second on our list of assists and joint leading scorer in the league - despite missing 7 games through injury.

			Appearances  Goals  Goals per game   Assists   Assists per game

Lampard	 15 (0)	   5	  1 in 3		   6		 1 in 2.5

Ballack	 3 (1)		2	  1 in 2		   1		 1 in 4

The set below compares our wide players. I must admit I was surprised by the numbers. Kalou is our joint top scorer and leads our assists - in fact he is 5th overall in the Prem. Maybe not quite as sh*t as some have suggested. SWP has been very in and out. He started the season well under Jose but then has really struggled until the last couple of games. Joey has scored some important goals but is some way behind both Kalou and SWp in terms of his contribution to the team. Malouda has played more games than I realised without really being particularly effective.

			Appearances  Goals  Goals per game   Assists   Assists per game

Kalou	   14 (6)	   5	  1 in 4		   8		 1 in 2.5

Joey		15 (3)	   3	  1 in 6		   1		 1 in 18

SWP		 14 (5)	   2	  1 in 9.5		 4		 1 in 4.75

Malouda	 10 (2)	   1	  1 in 12		  1		 1 in 12

This last set show how much we miss Didier. He scores and assists at a very high rate. Sheva's contribution this season has also been good in terms of goals although we haven't seen much in the way of assists.

			Appearances  Goals  Goals per game   Assists   Assists per game

Drogba	  10 (1)	   5	  1 in 2.2		 3		 1 in 3.6

Sheva	   8 (3)		4	  1 in 2.75		1		 1 in 11

None of this proves anything, but I quite enjoyed putting it together icon_lol.gif

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