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They think it's all over....

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...and it is now.

I just finished the season on the BBC predictor and the news is not good.

I allowed for us winning all remaining 12 games and for Man U beating Arsenal and Liverpool holding Arsenal to a draw and we finished level with Arsenal on 91 points but with a much worse goal difference.

The only consolation is that we finished ahead of Utd.

I think we can safely kiss any chances we had of winning the title goodbye now icon_sad.gif

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well before Liverpool we actually had a shot at coming back into actually winning..but yeah that didn't work out. Arsenal just won again tonight and are now 8 points ahead (of cfc). But realistically with our squad out for basically the main part of the season and losing Mourinho had a huge factor on why we're out of the prem race. But to look on the bright side, still got the FA cup, carling cup final, and champions league to compete in. And with Drogba back, Essien, Kalou, and possibly Terry in a week or so things are appearing to get better.

o and yet again Adebayor scored icon_mad.gif

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