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All change

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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I am a big fan of keeping things fresh.

Neither Ferguson or Wenger keep thing the same, they are continually changing tactics, axing key players to force changes etc etc.

So the question is, what do you want to see next season. Tactics, manager, players.

Personally I think a complete rethink is needed.

4-4-2 please

OUT:Drogba, ferrera, makelele, pizzarro, SWP, Sidwell, Ben Hiem, malouda

IN: 1 quality striker. Villa, Huntelaar, A.N.Other 1 good buy partnered with Anelka will be fantastic. We then have Shevchenko + Di Santos/Sinclair trying to come through. A young back up striker may be needed as well

At least 1 quality winger. Our main problem is that Joe Cole is just about our only creative player.

Essien to Right back. seems strange at first but seeing as in a 442 we will have Lampard, Ballack, Essien and Mikel to accommodate in centre midfield, why not use Essien at right back where he has arguably played his best football. I hate to see players as good as Essien on the bench

Manager. Anyone with pedigree. Grant out. Rijkaard, Lippi, Hiddink etc In.

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who knows mate...but Paulo just signed a new contract so I doubt we will be getting rid of him.

Could see a mass exodus, but could see a few players that we think are leaving hanging around.

I also think if the club have offered maka a contract extension, then he just may be captaining Mikel into the holding role position. Ballack will stay, and Essien I think will stay too (however, I wouldn't be overly suprised if he did take off...no grounding for such a statement, just a feeling). Still to be decided as to what is happening with Lampard.

Sidwell, will be gone, unless he is happy to just ride the bench for the rest of his career. So I think a "creative" midfielder might be signed. Who that is, I don't know. Modric, Van Der Vaart...who knows

Strikers, I think that is the area we will see he most change. PIzzarro, Drogba, and probably Sheva may all leave. I for one hope we sign Huntelaar. But Villa is an option, although I think he is more of an Anelka type player as opposed to an out and out striker, like Huntelaar. We have also heard of Eto'o and Zlatan, but I think if we are trying to build a team then both these players would be poison to the unity of the dressing room. Also, we have Di Santo in the ressies right now, so a youngster getting a game would be awesome. Needless to say, it is an exciting time.

At the back, I think Ben Haim will go, and maybe Bridge? Alex will hang on, and maybe Belletti will go, but having only signed him, I don't think that is a certain. We still have Ivanovic to come into the fray, so if we had him and Paulo at RB, and Alex, Carvs, terry for CB, and A Cole and Bridge (assuming he stays) then the back is pretty set too. If we need cover in the middle, we have Ivanovic, with Essien dropping in at RB. Or bring in a youth from the ressies too.

really, I think that the main area we will see change is up front.... as for Management, or tactics? That will be really interesting. I don't think we should go changing the team all about if we have no faith in who is leading the changes


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