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It's About Time


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Our number 7 shirt lost it's curse and we have a proper number 9. Apart from Crespo, we're looking back to the days of Luca where a good striker had that number. This is the shirt of Osgood and Dixon for frick sake, it requires respect. I think it's a safe bet Sidwell will leave and we will buy a striker, so I am optermistic we will get a number 9 to be proud of again [no offence Sutton and Kezman].

Now for our beloved number 7. Laudrup could have been the turning point... but alas, he just carried on the tradition. I'm 50/50 with Sheva's future, I wouldn't mind him staying, but why would he want to sit on the bench [and don't say the money]?

Bit of a pointless topic, but it's Tuesday morning and I'm at work, what am I supposed to do?

In short: A Huntelaar/Santa Cruz/Villa for the number 9 shirt and... oooh no I can't bare to give any new player the number 7, it strikes fear in me.

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You can add Boula to the list of strikers who've worn the number 9 Gem......

or was he a defender, I never could tell...

(harsh, he wasn't/isn't that bad, he just isn't Chelsea quality)

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One thing I will always remember Boula for is erasing Ronaldinho when we had those big matches with Barca. I thought he would be quality if he were to come back, but i dont think he will get the chance.

By the way, I totally misinterpreted this thread. Gem, I thought you were saying "Its about time: we FINALLY have a proper #7 and #9" and just being cynical icon_lol.gif

I totally agree, though. Both those numbers should be filled with TRUE guys for the role: flashy winger, and a deadly striker. When I think that it could have been Torres wearing our number 9 rather than Sidwell, I am filled with depression. But Sheva was supposed to be world class on all accounts and didnt work, which I never saw coming.

Villa I am not convinced by, but I am willing to take a chance on him for a reasonable fee; I never thought Torres would be this good either

Huntelar is the guy I want, but I dont know if the transition is gonna be too much for him. New van Basten?

For the wing spot, keep Malouda, sell SWP, and see about the avaibility of Joaquin. If nothing else, he is big and has a good workrate. If not, maybe Quaresma is the best option on the table

If I saw Huntelar and Joaquin holding up the 9 and 7 next, I would say the law of averages would prevent them both from being huge busts. Theres no way, right?

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