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Electric Picnic

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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Im just home tonight from Electric Picnic . Ok, it's a major musical event over 2 days with the worst and best live acts assembled in Ireland .

A lot of good dj sets, live bands and a sh*t load of whatever you want.

Anyway, tonight it was the turn of 'The Sex Pistols ' yes , the ageing punks who embarass themselves live and expect abuse at every event.

Well, tonight they got the abuse , the usual bottle throwing and verbals but i have to say , even as a Pistols fan , they were fantastic . Lydon was a complete c**t but their set was superb. Holiday in the sun stole the show , even with the younger crowd and RETRO HEADS , Pretty Vacant was expected as usual , but when the intro began, the place erupted into a frenzy . Absolute madness.

Not everybody is a Pistols fan , fair enough , but if you were at the gig tonight , you just might want to know a bit more.

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One of my favourite bands, got a hold of NMTB from the first day it was released on Virgin, and there is a Single in with the album (think it's submission, but it's back in Scotland), also got Anarchy from when it was released on EMI.

Anyway, they are pretentious (love how they took Glen matlock back after band mouthing him when they took on Sid), they might be considered as a Punk Boy Band, but I still love them. WOuld love to see them before they disband for good


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