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Aston Villa


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If you were not a believer before today, you certainly would be after seeing them draw against Arsenal.

For those that didnt, here is a brief synopsis.


First half: Villa came out all guns blazing, Young, Agbonlahor, Barry and Milner looking deadly. In the first half hour hit the post three times (no exaggeration) and Milner looped in a soft chip past Alumunia into an empty net....only for Sagana to clear off the line with an overhead kick. Soundly soundly outplay Arsenal in every way.

Then, first shot Arsenal get all game falls to Deneilson after two defenders blunder into eachother, and he slams it home just before the half, following with a c**tish celebration at the corner flag. So despite 10 shots, 8 on goal to Arsenal's one, Villa are down

Second half: Arsenal come out with much more confidence, easily playing the ball about, have a beautiful move and a great goal from, of all people, Abou Diaby, to put them up 2-0.

Game over for most teams

Another 10 minutes of Arsenal domination follow until Agent William Gallas scythes down Agbonlahor on a hopeless ball headed to the byline which he wasnt going to get. Barry buries the penalty (try saying that five times fast) to make it 1-2

Cue Wenger and O'Neill with handbags on the touchline after the Voyeur speaks his mind (it was a cast iron pen, by the way) and with some deafening support from the fans, and their gaffers passion, Villa pelt Arsenal's 18 yard box constantly in the last 10 minutes, with a loose ball getting buried by Knight in 90'+2

FT Aston Villa 2-2 Arsenal.


Why did I write all that? Well, I left my couch extremely impressed with Aston Villa today. They dominated the game, then had 2 put by them, which (as we saw all to clearly a few weeks ago) would put the wind out of almost any side. And yet their fans didnt give up, and their manager (who I have always rated) kept faith in the 11 players on the pitch. And they rewarded his faith.

I started watching them fully expecting them to win. But luck didnt go their way, and they ended up down. Yet with hard work and good character, they managed to claim points most teams probably wouldve given up on. If that doesnt sound like a top four team's character, I dont know what is. And if they end up in the CL next season, this will certainly be a game they look back to as a turning point.

Ok, verbal fellating over

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Amen. We do need the kind of pace that we used to have to put the worry back into opposing fullbacks and give them something to think about

But we can also learn something from their nerve. We went out like a house of cards against the Arse. These boys went 2 down, and yet they stuck to their game and persevered. Before we face them again, our team should watch their performance today

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