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  1. Atleast in my media country, there is news Real contacted him, but he refused. He said he will honour the contract or if get sacked, he will rest a bit.
  2. RIP Mourinho, no you was lying about getting coupe of games. You said like he have 5 or 10 matches, yet he have just 1 match for Roma, where he was sh*** and never started again. Why he didn`t play? Because he wasnt fit and good enough, get that straight. And how you decide that Kolarov was better then Sandro, ahahahahha ? I destroy your post easy with saying he didn`t play because of Kolarov. You didn`t help your argument with that. Maybe we should have get Kolarov instead of Emerson ?? Most of you also don`t answer question, when you don`t have usual answer - its
  3. Stop trying and lying. He get 15 minutes time in 1 game in Seria A, and 1 game in the Italy Cup Roma lose 2-1. And if Kolarov is better then him at 32 years old, thats speaks a lot ... Should i mention City get the *** of Kolarov? Argo, what exactly you expect Conte to say about Emanalo, when asked about it, cause that was the case ??? He said it was big lose to the club and they was working hard and Emanalo helped the club big and that he did great job for the Chelsea. If Conte is lying about the transfer, the board would have answer in some way. Whether if they bring Co
  4. RIP Mourinho, isn`t it obvious on who i`m pointing > Marina ??? :D
  5. I don`t have to prove anything, because the fact is, Conte by himself said every single transfer is done by the board and he have close to zero word in the transfer. There is no deny from the board, so thats the true and the only fact you can bring into a conversation. All other thing is speculation !!! And don`t try to make Conte fault of Matic leaving. It`s board fail. For Matic always would have a place. We played 3-5-2 this season a lot, so he would be perfect in that formation. And Fabregas also played a lot of games, if Matic was here, Fabregas places would be on the be
  6. He wanted Lukaku, and he didn`t wanted Baka. He wanted Matic to stay. Board get Baka and sold Matic .... Conte by himself said every single transfer is done by the board. The board did not deny that, then it`s a true. Even Vialli said that, and Conte and Vialli definetely know more then me and you, right ??? End of the thread.
  7. Ahahahaha nice try. In the second link there is nothing Conte said. Where you see blast in the third link as well ? It`s a simple interview where he speak about injuries of Emerson and Giroud and they need time. Where exactly you see blast? 4th one, Conte is exactly correct in every single word he said. “Now we have to struggle to fight for a Champions League place – that is top,” “We must be realistic. We must be strong to accept this type of situation. Then, in the future, if there is the possibility, you have to try to buy only two or three players – not eigh
  8. Guardiola wanted to stay, because the board help him, not working against him, and in our club is more likely the second one .... Also he get what he want for players and he have almost all the power and they back him 100%. If he was here, he would have done exactly what Conte do and will wanted way out.
  9. Guardiola lose 4-0 to Everton, and 4-2 to Leicester when they was in the relegation zone. So what ? He didn`t win anything in his first season and loses to a lot lesser team in Monaco in the CL, after they have solid lead in the first match. And now most of the posters here is prising him, while the same exact poster was slamming him last season .... If we was lost to Monaco in the Round of 16, especially if we was won the first leg with 5-3, he will be all over the place and you will wanted his head right away. But City fans and board did not do that, they let him recover
  10. Read this dude: https://metro.co.uk/2018/06/07/chelsea-stars-agents-concerned-club-fails-keep-managerial-promise-7611848/ How can you defend the board, when they are making the same mistakes time after time, season after season and they obviously not learn and think it`s all manager fault`s, just like someone like you here. I never said Conte is blamless, but the scandals that happen inside in the club, reflect to players. It`s obvious, that is what write in the article as well. That`s why we have such a bad season with Boas, same with Mourinho and now with Conte last seaso
  11. TheChelseaBlues, same sh** was saying last season and we get what? Drinkwater, injured Barkley, injured Emerson and so on. Only average players. If you want quality you have to act fast, not slow like every season Marina doing. And Liverpool is close to Fekir as well. Fabinho, Fekir is pretty strong starting selection. Also Keita will join them. United have done 2 transfers already. And guess what we have done nothing. We don`t even know who our manager will be..... But result will speak for themself. I will be right at the end, just wait. Argo i do think he made a lot of
  12. What he got exactly? Giroud come in the very end of the WINTER transfer window. The same goest for Emerson, who was with hard injury and did not play even 1 match for Roma. And you said he was the best LWB in the Italy, are you f**** kidding me ? Same for the Zapacosta, and i heard him for the first time, when we have interest in him. Both are pretty much average player. Same for Bakayoko, who had hard injury. Giroud also have injury before he came here. It was obvious Lukaku was the first choice, but Marina messed it big. Board fuc**** the relationship and Conte was n
  13. Got it or not got it, he has zero to spend. All the spend was done by the board. The board did not come and say it`s not like that, yet 10 people said it`s like Conte said it is, that he has zero says about transfers. Every single player that comes from the summer is the board choice. That`s tell you enough, and that is a fact, every other thing you or someone else said it`s a pure speculation. And i will see how the margin will be for the next manager. Will see if he will come even close to Conte result, for 2 years title and a Fa Cup, and another FA Cup final, and let`s not
  14. Let them type the b.s. they are typing. When the new manager come, whether is Sarri or Blanc, they will see what bad manager is. There is a very few managers out there, that have this quality - winning mentality and that could win big things. Some managers looks great, doing great stuff with other team, but it`s missing winning mentality and they are doing great, but just can`t win anything big. I`m just waitinjg when the board will sack Conte, and appoint the new one, that will be treated the same. I will look how the same poster will slam him too, for the board mista
  15. Next season will be here and ask you all, who was right again. How dumb you have to be, to replace Top 3 manager in the world like Conte with Maurizio Sarri .... So i will ask agan then, who`s fault if Sarri failed bad(and i think that will happen), board failure, because they choice the "manager", ups i mean the coach, or again it will be the coach failure or maybe someone here will still blame Conte... Mark and remember this post. I will be here next season and will ask this question again and again.
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