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  1. Just looking at our Premier league games following immediately after Europa league games and they don't look too bad. If we make it all the way to the final then 4 of our last 5 Premier league games will come the weekend after a Thursday night game. Liverpool at Anfield after a quarter final game obviously being the most dangerous! 20th September - Group game West ham (A) 4th October- Group game Southampton (A) 25th October- Group game Burnley (A) 8th November- Group game Everton (H) 29th November- Group game Fulham (H) 13th December- Group game Brighton (A) 14th February - Round of 32 first leg (TBC) FA cup 5th round game 21st February- Round of 32 second leg Brighton (H) 7th March - Round of 16 first leg Wolves (H) 14th March - Round of 16 second leg Everton (A) 11th April- Quarter final first leg Liverpool (A) 18th April - Quarter final second leg Burnley (H) 2nd May - Semi final first leg Watford (H) 9th May - Semi final second leg Leicester (A) 29th May - Final
  2. For what it’s worth it seems like Tammy, Giroud, Willian, Morata, Moses and Bakayoko are all there too... perhaps theres nothing to read in to
  3. RLC's Instagram story is himself, Ampadu, and CHO having a photo shoot in their Chelsea kit. Not that there's too many rumours around these 3 but it looks like they're all staying this season.

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