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  1. Great night. Excellent result Champions of Europe. Bit drunk do time for bed. See you lovely folk next season. Up the Chelsea and KTBFFH
  2. "Francis Lee, Liam Gallagher, Ken Barlow, the Smiths your boys took a hell of a beating"!! Ok I paraphrased a bit
  3. I can't type and watch but Reece James and Toni Rudi my Men of the Match. Never really rated Christensen but coming on for Tiago he was excellent.
  4. Onwards and upwards.I'm off for some beer. See you Saturday. KTBFFH
  5. Maybe who knows.I really fancied Werner would be the business. Very disappointed in him. The fact we lost the FAC final and qualified for CL courtesy of Rottenham just about sums the season up
  6. Not great again. Maybe TT can do a DiMatteo for the CL final
  7. Yes. Ultimately we could be been in the same position under Frank
  8. Can't disagree but many of the games I watched Tammy missed more chances than he should have. Always seemed half a yard too slow. Giroud- fine player but too old now.
  9. FFS!!!! This is what happens when you don't have a top striker. If anyone thinks Abraham and Giroud are the answer then theyre sadly mistaken. Too inconsistent. We need 3 goals, which aint gonna happen. We should all be cheering for Spurs now folks.
  10. Yep. Theyre a massive pain in the arse. Who takes any noti........hang on "Investing in Sri Lanka" hmmmmm
  11. Listening on the radio. Sounds like it's all Chelsea. Palace v Liverpooh sounds tight Spuds losing And Arse could make the Europa Conference Champions Cup Winners Cup Finishing Half Way Down the League League. Come on Chelseeeeaaaaaa
  12. Maybe if the PL managers got together and made a protest to the FA it could solve the ridiculous VAR offside decisions. As has been said time and again we see goals chalked off for crazy margins. The problem is if it goes in your favour the manager praises VAR. When it goes against the same manager will criticise VAR. No consistecy.
  13. Sorry folks completely off topic here but can anyone tell me how to get rid of all these fu**ing ads which keep covering my screen. It's getting on my tits. Cheers.
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