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  1. I think this is the thing.. one thing thats made me laugh with the OGS stuff recently, giving it the 'klopp's taken 4 years'.. from day 1 we were enjoying what we were seeing, it was mad, and to coin the phrase at the time, heavy metal football, but win lose or draw, would just be excited for the next game, and that's why I think you have a step ahead of the others, you've a legend at the helm, you can see the young lads developing, and thats not always rosy, but there's an identity forming and something to be excited about.. maybe not facing us 🙂, but you know what I mean. United (and sp
  2. Hi, LFC fan here, before you all roll eyes and jump on, actually wanted to put some positive notes on the conversation/worries you have above (CL qualie/development as a team/going backwards) Speaking from relatively recent experience... Firstly buying 'names' isn't the be all and end all. I don't mean this to be patronising, and been there many times over the last decade or so, when i've been the same and you're worried you're going to get trumped for x, y or z. Actually whats much more important is having a good scouting team, an identity on the pitch which is attractive to play
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