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  1. "loosing" an argument? Maybe if you enjoy a bit of debate you should learn how to spell first. No wonder you are known as the village idiot.
  2. How about because I love this sport and care about it, and I want other generations to enjoy it as much as I used to. Getting angry at me supposedly misquoting you and then totally misquoting what I said sums you up. You're an absolute embarrassment mate. Nice to know you're not allowed to take against things unless they have a direct effect on you, hope you have never had a single opinion on politics. Thanks to the people who have been respectful to me, now jog on Malta Blue you weapon.
  3. Bore off. If we don't protest then we are effectively sitting down and shutting up, aren't we? Not calling me a proper fan of football? Been at football every weekend (When allowed) since I was five. Been to over 200 stadiums in the UK and Europe. I never said I don't support a team, I said I don't support a PREMIER LEAGUE team. I support a team in League One. Bit of a mistake there for someone who gets all upset about being misquoted? Getting upset about this is all a bit "snowflakey" isn't it. Message has been lost here - but you seem likely a really ignorant entitled melon. Mods I'm happy to not post on here anymore, thanks for allowing the message. @Malta Blue do one you tit.
  4. Entitled snowflake society? Because we have an issue with VAR? Give over. Feeling passionately about something and wanting to change it has nothing to do with a "snowflake society", get a grip.
  5. Thanks. @Malta Blue Seems to just want fans to sit down and accept it, despite the fact it's totally changed the game as we know it and no fans were ever consulted on it. VAR has changed the actual game of football than the ESL would have done. You don't have to agree with me, but just wanting people to sit down and shut up rather than standing up for things they believe in I believe is a very odd stance.
  6. VAR has totally changed the fabric of the game and supporters were never consulted on if they wanted it. A protest is more than fair enough in my opinion.
  7. I'm not sure where this myth originated from. It is extremely controversial in Europe. There have been fan protests against it in Italy and Germany and some huge clangers made by VAR. There is a big campaign by Dutch fans to remove VAR from the Erevidisie.
  8. I'm afraid it will always be subject to human error.
  9. Thanks for your response. If the rule became daylight we would then have long VAR delays to judge if there was "daylight", it would be slightly better but the problem would persist. Human error will always be part of the game with or without VAR. It was the worlds favourite sport, comfortably, for 150 years before the advent of VAR. I'm afraid if you think VAR can be perfected I fear you will be waiting forever. It cannot work for various reasons, certainly not in a way which wouldn't infringe on the entertainment of the football fan.
  10. Hello, On May 22, outside PL HQ in Paddington, London, a peaceful protest will be held against the use of VAR in Premier League football. This protest is for all football fans. VAR has ripped the heart and soul out of the game. It has sacrificed the soul and does not even get decisions correct, there are too many examples of VAR mistakes for me to list on here. VAR is also currently calling offside decisions which it cannot definitively call due to frame rates and margin of error. We can not know the goal that was disallowed for Chelsea in the FA cup final was definitively offside. Even if VAR did one day "work", it will never work in a way that allows football supporters to experience the raw emotions we used to at football matches. I am happy to answer any questions any users on here have for me. I do not support a Premier League team, although I have friends who support Chelsea and my grandad was a Chelsea season ticket holder from Kennington. He would be delighted Chelsea are in the CL final I'm sure. Mods: Feel free to move or close this thread, I simply wanted to share this with Chelsea supporters, no offence intended to anyone. If you can not attend please feel free to sign the petition: https://www.change.org/p/the-premier-league-remove-the-use-of-the-video-assistant-referee-var-from-premier-league-football?recruiter=908392471&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=share_petition&recruited_by_id=dd1eb300-da22-11e8-9f02-2b214d86d7dc
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