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Right let me get this off my chest, if anyone disagree's with me they are either Peter Kenyon's relatives or damn insane.

AGAIN live on sky SCOLARI stated ... "Before the season started I gave Peter one name, the only player I wanted Deco."

What a scandolous lie, it's as if Kenyon is pulling strings like punch and judy.

Poor finishing, bad luck, daft set piece defending again summed up today but hey we will thump em in the replay.

Plus I laid us for another 1k at 1.11 on betfair - I love it !!!!! You lot should follow me - told ya a few posts back :D

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Well we already know that is a lie. He also gave him the name of Robinho, but the man who shall remain unnamed couldnt close the deal when things went awry and the Junta ruling Madrid suddenly remembered they were huge c**ts.

If Scolari is giving a shred of truth, its in this: When he signed up here, I think he was given "the score" on how it was going to be from now on; sell to buy, no more over the top transfers, no massive, over the hill signings.

I.e. Scolari might have the advantage of a Robinho, a young dynamic player that would both put buts in the seats and help us win, but not of a Sheva, who would solve a specific issue but has a high potential of NOT being a value for money type transfer.

In my own little mind, before he signed on the dotted line, LFS was told all this by Kenyon, Buck, Roman, and whichever other hangers on have their hands in the pot at this club. He said "okay" and put pen to paper, but I dont think he truly grasped how drastic that kind of thinking would be. All entirely conjecture, of course.

If the club was really, honestly, going to sign Robinho for 31 million to bring us a world class creative player, since they have failed in that endeavor, it would stand to reason that the equivalent value of this player which we did not get would now be at the managers disposal now. Thats how clubs are run. They have an operating expense, wage budget, and all of that is subtracted from the income and the outlay by the owner. If Man United have a particularly successful year, like last year, you can bet your arse Fergie is going to have more money to spend than if they win nothing at all. And spend they have. They are back to outspending us.

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