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Tevez and Fabiano anyone?

Johan Gruyff
Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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Chelsea are set to prepare a summer bid for Carlos Tevez. Tevez is set to join the shopping list with Luis Fabiano.

With Drogba on the way out, and only having Anelka ( ;) ) we would need to bring in a new striker(s) and Tevez, beside being a Manure player, I wouldn't mind at all and Fabiano seems to be a proposed good buy.

Tevez and Fabiano Link

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Buying or loaning Tevez would be smart shopping IMO. He knows what prem is about and he still is relatively young. Luis Fabiano I don't really know but I surely understand why Scolari wants him, he don't have to talk Brazinglish with so many then.

Fabiano is born 1980 so he is 30 next year...And labelled as a badboy.

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Tevez would be a good signing if we could get him, but Fabiano can stay where he is. Poor attitude and he's likely to cost a fortune. I don't think we have a chance to sign Tevez, though. We had our chance, but we didn't take it.

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