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Our new manager, our new club?


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So it looks like Hiddink until the end of the season, lets hope he works wonders and wins us something with the current squad who are certainly good enough.

My thoughts are now reaching beyond this season and the direction the club will take from there onwards. There are a number of things which as fans we just dont know.

Firstly of course who the 'long term manager' will be?, if given our recent history and i include the Bates era in that we could have the front to call any future manager 'long term'.

Has the manager got any money to spend?

If so can he spend it on who he wants?

Will he be left to pick and manage the team his way?

Will he want to sign players or clear out the ego's and concentrate on youth?

Would we be happy with that, or are we hoping for a blend?(minus the ego's of course)

I'm sure these are questions as fans we are all asking ourselves...of the manager. What are we asking from the club?

No interference from the boardroom in footballing matters?

No more 'galacticos'?

No more wasting huge amounts of money, whether thats in compensation or inflated transfers on players with no sell on fee?

No more allowing players who still hold value walk for nothing or go on loan while still paying half there wages?

No more running the club like a circus?

I'm sure you all have questions swirling around that you'd like asking. I think its so important that the new man is the right man, and that some of those questions be answered before he is given the job. Not least in order to manage expectation.

It was clear to me that Scolari at his age brought in on a 3yr contract was'nt here to develope youth or build a dynasty. In fairness to him it was wrong of the club not to tell him and us that the purse strings had been cut at the start.

If the new manager is in the same position this should be made clear to him and us from the begining.

The club should say:

The new man is here to develope the youth, bring down the average age of the squad, he has little money to spend and this is a 5yr project. We dont expect the CL or Prem, he has a long term job to do. This would bring down the expectation levels of the fans, and take the pressure of him and the youngsters being blooded.

Or the club should say:

The new manager is here for the next 3yrs, has a good squad who are staying together(with the exception of players HE wants to leave) and as money to spend on players HE wants to sign. We hope to be challanging for all major honours again next season.

They cant leave all those questions unanswered because its not fair on the fans, the players both young and old or the new manager.

I know they cant say anything until the new man is here..........but you just know they wont bother answering these questions of mine once he's here either.

What would you like to ask them?

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With the grace of hindsight, do you still believe sacking Jose Mourinho was the correct decision?

Has the club been taken to the new level it was looking for?

Who is behind targeting and signing new players and who actually signed Ballack?

Do you think he is worth the £120k per week he is receiving from the club? Will the next manager have a say weither or not the contract will be renewed?

Who ultimatley accepts responsibility for the signing of Shevchenko, and do they think it was money well spent or agree he was a failure?

Why does it appear our managers are not given backing in the transfer market anymore?

Roman, what does you're voice sound like, can you actually speak?

What does Tennenbaum, Buck and Kenyon actually do at the club?

What do the metropolitan police, a woman with an itchy crotch, and Chelsea football club have in common?

(they all regret going for the Brazilian :lol: )

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