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Chelsea Quiz 17 Answers


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I would crack a 'told you I'd be back' gag but I fear it would set dkw and Sergey off again.

Apologies for the quizzes disappearing out of your lives as dramatically as Lee Sharpe's career however all is well again in the world of Loz PC and so, once more, Loz is quizzical.

Before Mike O pulls me up for plagiarism I will get on with the answers to quiz 17.

1. At what stadium did Frank Lampard receive his first red card whilst playing for Chelsea? White Hart Lane

2. Who said this when reminiscing about leaving Chelsea? (I have removed some references which provide info that might give it away but also left some in). ‘I popped into the club’s boot-room, having left Ted’s office for the final time. I was due to make my debut for ______ the next day and needed to pick up my boots to take with me to _______ ________. I looked around for about ten minutes, but they were nowhere to be seen. Mystified, I asked one of the staff where my boots had been left, only to be informed that, because the club had paid for them, they were technically the club’s property. My boots had already been given away.’ Roy Bentley

3. In what month and year did Chelsea last field a team made up entirely of British players (a point for the month and a point for the year)? May, 1995 (vs Leicester)

4. Which Chelsea player was depicted on an official stamp prior to the 2006 World Cup? Andrei Shevchenko

5. In just under 20 years at the Bridge I made over 400 appearances for Chelsea, played for six managers and saw two chairmen come and go. My first manager was sacked a matter of weeks after I signed. Who am I? John Bumstead.

And to the results.

Clearly a tough set of questions as nobody got more than three out of five right (credit for that going to mad Mac and Blue Sun Tzu)


And the overall standings shows blueday at the top due to having only entered one quis however Geezer still sititng as the regular to beat.


As it has been a while I will remind people that you only stay on the table if you have entered a quiz in at least one of the previous three weeks - i.e. at the moment the likes of Bluebeard, dkw, gullit4, Mike O, Johann Gruyff and midlandblue are not on the table despite having submitted answers before. If they were to submit answers again they would be reinstated. blueday3 will drop off if he does not submit answers to quiz 18 which I will post in a couple of minutes.

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