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Chelsea Quiz 18 Answers


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Only seven people submitted answers to quiz 18, a return which is as impressive as Makalele's long range finishing.

For Q10 I think some people got confused between the age people were when they left the club and the age they were when they made their last appearance.

To the answers.

1. Which ex Chelsea player only got two caps for England, neither of which he got whilst being a Chelsea player, with the reason for this international wilderness being that he refused to tour with the under 23 side and so was ‘banned’ from international football?

Alan Hudson

2. I was signed by Claudio Ranieri. In my first 200 games for Chelsea I started 187 of them and came off the bench in 13. In those games I scored 9 goals, was booked 18 times, was never sent off and won three trophies. In the same period of time I got 37 caps for my country and scored one international goal. Who am I?

William Gallas

3. In November1994 season one of our players signed a new contract and promptly left the club two months later – who was it? (2 points)

Neil Shipperley

4. In our first ever season in the European Cup we played two Italian sides – a point for each. (1 point each)

AC Milan and Lazio

5. We signed this player in the 1999/2000 season and he was not to experience a defeat in a Chelsea shirt until his 17th appearance – the defeat came against his former club. Who is he?

Emerson Thome

6. Which one of our 1970/71 ECWC squad was to later work for the Justice Department dealing with refugee applicants?

Paddy Mulligan

7. When Glen Hoddle took over as Spurs manager he wanted to sign a player who had previously played for us but has since moved on. It would have been a good move for this player but he never entertained the idea as he saw it as a betrayal of the Chelsea fans – who am I referring to?

Dan Petrescu

8. Which current player selected ‘Fools Gold’ by the Stone Roses as his pick of songs on a CD made up of the squad’s favourite songs?

Ricardo Carvalho

9. Which defender made his last appearance for Chelsea against Man City in May 2001?

Frank Leboeuf

10. 10 players have pulled on a Chelsea shirt when they were beyond their 36th birthday – a point for each one and a bonus of two points for anyone who can get all 10.

Graham Rix, Bryan Robson, Mal Donaghy, Jack Harrow, John Hollins, Glen Hoddle, John Harris, Peter Bonetti, Dickie Spence, Gianfranco Zola.

blueday3 takes the plaudits for highest score this time round so a hearty :woohoo: for him.


Englishman and blueday occupy the top two spots courtesy of having only entered one and two quizzes respectively. As always anyone who has not submitted answers for three consecutive quizzes has dropped off the table. Next week Chelsea Lad and Westway Wonder will drop off if they don't submit answers to quiz 19 (which I will post very shortly)


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