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Quick Computer Question

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I keep getting this message (every 30 mins or so) from Norton saying that it has blocked a security threat called suspicious.adh.

Does anyone know anything about this? Its quite annoying that it keeps coming up so is there anything i can do to delete this thing myself?

Typically it has come up whilst im typing this message.

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Well. Norton is not exactly sh*t. The Internet Security software served me well from 2008 to 2010. And then I discovered Microsoft Security Essentials. It's too good to be free! ;)

And for your issue Alex, there are some malwares, viruses and trojans which almost every anti virus in the world may fail to remove.

Look up Smart Virus Remover on Google. It's a nice little software which very efficiently cleaned up my 7 year old desktop and discovered numerous trojans on my pen drive which I didn't even know of. Though I last used the software quite a lot of months back, it really helps!

And MSE is the future of anti virus software. It's free!

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Another one is called Malwarebyte, downloaded installed and ran it on an infected computer. Took an hour, worked great...

I found it to be quite useless. I ran Smart Virus Remover after running this. It still found other malwares! Oh and how it freed up space on my hard drive!

Though it may vary with the extent of the problem.

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first thing you did wrong was have norton on your machine at all, its garbage.

Actually, the latest version of Norton is is the best for a long time. The firewall is based on an updated version of the old Sygate engine and the antivirus is faster, more effective and takes up fewer resources than the previous few versions. I'm not exactly a huge fan of Norton however, and I still prefer Kaspersky.

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