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Ancelotti exposed


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Firstly I can admit that we were completely outplayed today. Over the two legs we have been decent in spells but unfortunately not European quality. Two things stick in my mind and will detract the criticisms away form a shambolic performance by Chelsea.

Firstly why do UEFA have such difficulty finding decent referee's?

It is evident their is not a big enough campaign to encourage more people to referee. Increase spending and for god's sake improve the standard for European reffing.

No doubt Inter were deserved winners but the reffing tonight was shambolic. AGAIN. The two penalties tonight would have changed the game completely, JT said it at the end and it does happen every year. Platini needs to take a long hard look at UEFA's reffing standards and improve the unearthing of young refs.

Secondly and more importantly why do Chelsea persist taking aged foreign managers who have never managed in England, then thrust them into a completely foreign environment.

Ancelotti was the epitomy of a tired, ignorant old man who is stuck in his ways. Our team was devoid of a cutting edge tonight, no passion or desire and once again our tactics were abysmal.

I cannot understand why Ancelotti does not realise his formations do not work. Surely he must have realised when our best players such as Lampard, Anelka, Joe Cole, Ballack are not performing, that our system is wrong.

Lampard gets no service, Anelka is not a wide player, Drogba needs to play with 2 proper wide men yet he does not change anything.

But for me, the most criminal thing here is this. For 3 weeks now Ancelotti has known that Inter will come to the Bridge and we will need to score. He knows how good they are defensivley yet the one player we have who can unlock a defence- Joe cole- he leaves rotting on the bench.

Why has Ancelotti not given him game time and played him into form?

We needed invention and guile tonight but Ancelotti has stuck with a flawed, uninventive and downright incorrect system and it has cost us.

All credit however must still go to Inter. They have been outstanding over both legs with some inspriational defending. Snejider has been aewsome and Mourinho's tactics spot on.

They deserved to win, but boy did Ancelotti hand it them on a plate.

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