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Hi Everyone

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Firstly, sorry if this seems the wrong the place to write the message, I tried to send a personal message to the Mods for the site, but unfortuntely I need to have 15 posts before I can do this.

If the mods could read this that would be really appreciated:

We have set up a website LINK DELETED to support England in the World Cup and raise money for HelpForHeroes. We were hoping we could post a message on your forum to help increase buzz to the site and raise as much support as we can.

Please have a look at the website (the �€˜About�€™ section tells you all about it) and let us know whether a post on your forum would be possible.

Thank you for you time.

The post we would like to place on the forum would be something like:

The buzz around England�€™s 2010 World Cup campaign has been a bit low (where is the Euro �€˜96 spirit?!) so we at LINK DELETED are trying to change this by getting longstanding England fans (and businesses) involved in supporting England in South Africa.

Post your picture, logo, name or whatever you like (nothing rude!) on the England flag with a link to your site/blog/business.

65% of proceeds go to HelpForHeroes and you can win up to £1000!

The site has only just gone live so the faster you get there the better position your block will be. Buzz is expected to be high so act quickly to get the best blocks available!

If the flag is completed before the World Cup we will try to get it (a larger version!) to England�€™s games in South Africa so it will be like you are there while not actually being there!

Thank you for taking the time to read our post. Do let us know if you are interested or have any questions or just take a look at the site.


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Thanks but no thanks. Help for Heroes is definitely a worthy cause however if people want to donate to them then they can donate £1.99 direct wth them rather than having a chink of their money contributing to costs and a further 35% going as profits before Help For Heroes get the leftover.

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Hi Loz,

Thanks for replying. I couldn't agree more that everyone should donate as much as they can to Help For Heroes right away. The site was just a different way of approaching it in that it might encourage people to donate if they also have a way of linking their love of football to it. But definitely, if everyone would give money to Help For Heroes then that can only be a good thing, whether through the site or not. They are a tremendous cause and one of the most important out there at the moment.

Thanks for your time, it is much appreciated.

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Hi again everyone.

We have made some changes to the site and wanted all of you to know.

The blocks in the white area of our flag are now £1.25 each with 100% of the donation going to HelpForHeroes. Also, this is an optional donation so if people choose not to donate they can still have an image with a link on the flag.

Thanks to all who have checked out the site and we hope we can count on your support with the new changes in place.

Thanks again.

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Cheers now!

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