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Could’ve, Would’ve, Should’ve?


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Sad to report, but there was something rather incongruous about one of AVB’s defiant remarks after last night’s debacle that left me completely in the dark over where we are going as a team in the long term from this point onwards and it is this - his avowed conviction that he will continue with the current set of players… no more, no less and no elaboration. Quite honestly, part of me has now started to worry that this is stubbornness in action regarding the need for established personnel [the elders] to face up to their responsibilities in all competitions, yet I do so want to believe that he was talking solely of our approach to that seasonal Champions League circus, which clowns us around mercilessly, as opposed to the domestic scene which [i pray] has a separate agenda altogether.

I want to believe, but I can’t. Indeed, I also want to believe that Ryan Bertrand was played for a full 90 minutes in the Reserves against Swansea, not because he was ineligible for the CL squad, which he is, but because the plan was always to play him against Wolves at the weekend…but I can’t. I want to believe that Didier got the nod over Torres for no other reason than the Spaniard’s going to be given an extended run in the Premiership with Mata playing just behind him in what is by far and away their best positions… but I can’t. I want to believe that Danny Sturridge might, just might, form part of a three supporting Fernando alongside Mata and a genuine winger, that is if we could find one in time for Saturday… but we can’t and therefore I can’t.

I’d also like to believe David Luiz will be fit for the Wolves game. I think he might, although I’m not entirely sure because Alex could easily have been called upon to replace him whether he was fit or not last night, such are the many comings and goings in our back four. Then again, I’d like to wager a tidy sum that AVB could, finally, ditch the bald Brazilian altogether after he failed to cut out that injury time header… I could wager, but I wont, due to not having a clue over the makeup of our central defence anymore and previously believing that AVB simply didn’t rate Alex whatsoever.

Not that the situation is that much better in the holding midfield role, where Mikel didn’t feature until late on yesterday and Romeu, quite astonishingly, was on the bench and didn’t emerge at all. So, I’d like to think that means the Barca boy gets a full 90 minutes next up, perhaps in partnership with Josh as a holding two, which was why our English Bright Hope didn’t feature in said Reserve game earlier in the week or got a look in last night… but I can’t. Nor can I contemplate with much confidence the prospect of any diversification at all between domestic and European personnel in this campaign until AVB bites the bullet currently zinging past him at speed that’s called ‘significant change‘, as opposed to nibbling at its edge, the prime example of which is his immersing Danny in a wide water drafting and not allowing much more than a toe-dipping for others of his age and ability.

Still, I suppose there is always the next Premiership game for the Boas to concentrate his mind on, tailor-made as it is to provide clarification of that ambiguous post match comment. Looking on the positive side, though, it could all fall into place with a 4-2-3-1 formation embodied in a team selection that read - Cech, Ivanovich, Luiz, Terry, Bertrand, Romeu, McEachran (Ramires), Sturridge, Mata, Meireles (Lampard) and Torres, who could be backed by the designated CL support group of Turnbull, Alex, Bosingwa, Mikel and Drogba, plus the bracketed pair if not selected. That is always assuming there has ever been a truly designated ’last hurrah’ CL group [wasn’t that supposed to have been the Cussed Last Stand when Carlo was around?] and it was at any stage aligned to an actual burning ambition to finally integrate these new young players in, dare I say it, a real show of defiance against adversity. I’d like to think so… but none of us can until we are presented with some crumbs of convincing comfort.

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Spot on Dorset. He is proud no doubt. But there is a time to put pride away admit you've made errors and correct them.

I would like to see the most creative eleven we can put out. Meireles and Frank behind Josh at ten, flanked by Mata and Sturridge. Would also like to see Bertrand at LB if Cole isn't fit. But I'm not holding my breath.

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