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  1. Bit of a strange one, to be honest. If anyone says we deserved our 3rd place finish in the league, well, I'm not sure I'd agree. It seemed a bit fortunate on the run-in for me. We were the least awful of the group. So on paper, yes, 3rd was acceptable (Champions League was important), but we were in no way anywhere close to the top two, and not looking like we'd be bridging that gap in one summer (or two). And yes, the Europa League was a good way to end the season, but it is the Europa League after all (I mean no malice, I celebrated it too). I've never supported a club's decision to sack its manager, and have cringed at the Jose (twice), Carlo, and Conte sackings of late, and I certainly wouldn't have supported Sarri's sacking, even though I wasn't happy with our football (in general). It was rather Hazard-heavy, and the recent quotes attributed to Sarri about his tinkering with his favored tactics to accommodate Hazard, to the detriment of the team and "his football" were a bit ironic, to be honest. But I digress. In the end, it seemed like Sarri wanted to go and the club, all things considered, decided not to stand in his way. Basically, both sides decided a parting of ways was best. I haven't seen fans openly deriding the football they were seeing on the pitch for quite a while now. It's just not healthy anyway you look at it. To be fair, I think it is more than the football. Part of it is the frustration with Sarri - playing Kante out of his favored position (one he is supposedly the best in the world at), which is not helped by Jorginho's iffy patch mid-season, and then his strange comments that don't sit well with fans. Imagine basically saying he won the Europa League for the Napoli fans (not in so many words, of course)! I, personally, was OK with the season. Again, I thought we were a bit fortunate in our run-in (Man Utd and Le Arse losing it more than us winning 3rd place) but third place is third place in a long league season. I wasn't optimistic about catching the top two BUT it was a solid start for Sarri. Still, am I dismayed or disappointed Sarri has left? Not in the same way I was dismayed with Carlo's and Conte's dismissals, to be honest. Can't even compare to Luca Vialli's dismissal all those years ago, or Jose's dismissal despite the much worse results. But I did feel for him (when he was ridiculed by fans) although he is going to Juventus, so I don't feel sorry for him now. As for Lamps, well, hold on my heart. I love, nay revere the bloke. Do I have reservations? You bet I do. Will he bring the feel good factor back to the Bridge? Heck yes. Will he have enough substance about him that he can get us soldiering on once that feel good factor wanes? That's the million quid question isn't it. Our situation would be challenging for any manager, maybe except Gus, who would be used to it. Coming in and having to do a job but without new signings, having just lost the key club player that carried us on his shoulder for much of the season, means he'd be on a hiding to nothing. But he, and people around him like Jody, are going to be much more aware of the jewels in our academy, not only because they have to, but because they are just that way. Considering the situation, he (they) could be the best equipped to see us through this (and more). So, do I want Lamps here as manager? Heck yes. Oh, and Loz, I'm here to pull your leg, so [yank]. Now, tell me to pull the other one! Cheers, Butch
  2. There are a handful of players I don't want to see anywhere near a Chelsea shirt and he is one of them. By the way, there is no love lost from his side either, and if he had a choice he would never choose to come here. Thank goodness. Cheers, Butch
  3. Yeah, saw that and it did send shivers up my spine. Yet, I thought it would have been quite awesome, and would have involved some engineering clout to boot, to basically move two of the chimneys so that the four chimneys were actually the four corners of the stadium. Imagine a mostly blue stadium with the four white chimneys lit with spotlights at night. OK, back to reality. Cheers, Butch
  4. I have to wonder it would make any sense for either Torres or Chelsea to part ways. For Torres, he now looks like he belongs here; he looks comfortable, and he looks like he is enjoying playing again. It took a while, and why would he want to start that process all over again anywhere else? Also, how likely is it he would be going to a club with better chances of success than Chelsea? For Chelsea, we forked out such a lot of money for Torres, and selling him now would be admitting we made a huge mistake, and would mean trying to get back as much (no matter how little) for him as possible. However, why would we do this when he is showing signs of turning a corner? From a form and confidence perspective, I say we keep Torres. But ultimately, it will come down to whether Jose (or whoever else) sees a place for him in our squad. Cheers, Butch
  5. Virosh, well puts, mate. I felt exactly the same. Cheers, Butch
  6. This is what it feels like to win the Champions League. Wow. Cheers, Butch
  7. Spurs have a brown picket fence round their stadium?! Cheers, Butch

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